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The Different Types of First Dates

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Leslie Reyes                                                                                               Period 5                                                                                                                                    McQuade                                                                                                    ENC 1101 Composition 1                                                                                              Oct. 28 2016

The Different Types of First Dates

         You are sitting across from a wonderful person you met on Tinder. The lights are dim, fancy music plays in the background, and as you look down to place your napkin you notice your clothing. As much as you tried to look the part you weren’t really expecting this sort of date, you were expecting something more informal. Although, what could you expect from a person whose Tinder profile was filled with refined tastes. Despite this being the first time you see each other you can already tell that the other is looking for a more personal and longer relationship. You, on the other hand, are not ready for that type of relationship, and now are stuck trying to find a way out. All this could have been prevented if you knew the different types of first dates and what each one meant. The different types of dates include the average coffee dates, the weekday warrior dates, the classic dinner dates, the adventurous high-energy dates, the group dates, the simple movie dates, and the informal bar dates.

    The most common type of date would be your average coffee date which is when you and your suitor go out and just get a cup of joe. These dates usually have no time commitment because either of you can leave whenever you want.  Usually this type of dates are known as the  “get to know you” (“Isn’t it Romantic?”) date since they normally involve small talk with ordinary questions such as: “What is your favorite color?”, “Do you like…”, “Would you ever….”, and so on. This is done so the other person can get to know you better and see if  there will be a chance for second date. The way you should dress for this occasion would be very casual and comfortable. This is due to the fact that you are not going out to a fancy place so dressing too extravagant might send out the wrong message. Casual clothing should include wearing “a simple white tee and a pair of black pants” (Keldgord) or just a nice shirt with one of your best pair of jeans.

    Unlike your average coffee date the weekday day warrior date is uncommon. These are the gatherings that occur on a weeknight instead of the usual weekend. These types of dates are uncommon because people “don’t have the time to hang out on a Tuesday Night” (Rimote) most people have to get up early the next day and go to work.  The attire for this type of date would be the “girl next door” look. This fashion term usually means that the person wears something similar to  “a striped tee, a pair of shorts, and tennis shoes” (Keldgord) or something that combines casual and adorable but also lies on the more casual side. The expectations for these dates would be some small talk filled with awkward pauses since both of you are probably preoccupied with the thoughts of the next day to worry about the here and now. These meetings are also much shorter in length since there are events that take place the next day that hanging out for a long period of time is just out of the question, but they are a lot longer than your standard coffee dates.

    Another form of a first date would be the classic dinner date. These are the dates we all see in the movies, where the couple enters the high-end restaurant and ask “ _____ Reservation for 2”. Then as they near their table the man pulls out for the chair for the lady and they proceed to have a lavish dinner , both are talking and laughing to the point that you can basically see the sparks fly.  This is the expectation, but life isn’t a movie so you can expect dinner to take place in a simple restaurant with a good meal. Like Michael Symons has stated, dinner is an important part of our “daily lives”, and ” compared to minor meals have a more of a significant impact”. Dinner has always been a crucial meal and has been a tradition that it is usually the heaviest meal that one should take, and because of this fact, it unlocks some personal meaning (Symons 527-531). That is why this type of date means that both parties are very interested in one another and both are looking for something more long term. During these encounters you would dress very formal, at the end of the night, you are dressing to impress the other. This outfit includes going to the back of your closet and pulling out a nice button down if you are a man or picking out a very nice and flattering dress if you are a woman. During these dates you would expect to have long conversations with deep meaning, have a more open environment, and have a light-hearted aura surrounding you.

    That brings us to our next form of first dates, which would be the adventurous high- energy date. This date is when you go out and do “active” activities such as: “Laser tag, bowling, and skating” (“Active Date Ideas”). This usually occurs when you and you’re your partner are athletic, competitive, or outside the box thinkers. This is also known as  the most intimidating kind of date since both of you are going head to head so this can cause some strain and unpleasant feelings. Nevertheless, this activity can do quite the opposite, it can cause a really strong connection between the pair. What you should wear when invited to an event like this would be something athletic and sporty since you will be expected to move throughout the entire duration of the date. Anticipate to see more competition, very little talking,  “not much eating” (Rimote), and some tiresome activities that you will probably feel the next day.

    Another date style would be the group date. This normally occurs around the younger generation because it is a fantastic way to avoid any awkwardness involved when you hang out one on one. The downside, though, would be that hanging out with friends could go either way since your friends might make your date nervous, can cause an uncertainty around the topic of whether or not you are a couple, there is also little to no privacy and intimacy that is needed. This should not discourage you from having a group date, though since there are just as many pros as there are cons, reasons such as you get a better perception of your date’s personality among their friends, there is little pressure, and if you believe that the date is plummeting there is a way out  (Singleton). During a group date, you should dress girly/ manly meaning that you are dressed in what is fashionable. For men, this would include a nice button down shirt with jeans or for a woman a cute dress that represents your more feminine side. These dates usually have a lot of conversation, many laughs, and a bright peppy aura.



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