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The Culprit Behind Romeo and Juliet's Death

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Essay Preview: The Culprit Behind Romeo and Juliet's Death

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Emma Zuber

Aaron Brossiet

English 9


The Culprit behind Romeo and Juliet's Death

Throughout time, there have been many tragedies caused by romance. For example, the play Romeo and Juliet. It is known for its romantic tragedy between two star-crossed lovers, with all the death, who is truly to blame for Romeo and Juliet's deaths? It is inevitable that the person who is responsible for the tragedy Romeo and Juliet is Romeo himself, for he has no control over his emotions, selfish desire, and he does not think of the consequences.

Throughout the play readers can conclude that Romeo was a very emotional person and was not in full control of his emotions. Which caused him to make some impulsive choices. Such as when he believes he is in love with Rosaline. He tells Benvolio how much he loves Rosaline even though, "She hath forsworn to love." (Act I.Scene i.Line 216) Romeo is heartbroken for Rosaline who will never love him. He complains on and on, he even cries, because one girl in the entire world doesn't love him back. Also when Mercutio and Tybalt have their duel. Tybalt kills Mercutio and this seems to be Romeo's limit. He starts battling Tybalt with his "fire-eyed fury", (Act III.Scene i.Line 117). Lastly, when Romeo learns that Juliet is dead, he goes to see her and he is heartbroken and can't stand to see her dead. Because of his inability to control his emotions, Romeo finally kills himself to be with Juliet in death.

Another reason why the story of Romeo and Juliet ended in a tragedy is because of Romeo's selfish behavior. From the moment that Romeo and Juliet met, Romeo knew that their relationship was dangerous and he brought death upon them both. One of the reasons why this is, is because he places his own desires above the safety of other's. Like when he convinced Friar Lawrence and the Nurse to help him marry Juliet, even though he knew that they would be in great trouble if the Montagues and the Capulets found out about what they had done. In Act II. Scene iii. Romeo convinces the Friar to marry him to Juliet. Also in act two, scene four Romeo convinces the Nurse that he has no evil in mind and he marry her. Also in Act II. Scene ii. Romeo proposes to Juliet, even though he knew that it would be putting Juliet in trouble with the families. Juliet agrees to marry



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