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The Crossing

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Essay Preview: The Crossing

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While watching the video "The Crossing", I learned a lot about General Washington and General Rall. I also learned what their personalities were like. Some of the main differences between General Washington and General Rall were noticeable even in silence.

When both characters were introduced, I right away formed some strong opinions. One thing about General Rall is that when his army was being attacked at Trenton, he got out of bed, and took his precious time getting ready. Thought some of him men were out fighting in their underwear, he was so caught up in himself that he wouldn't come out until he was perfectly presentable. His pride was so very important to him that as he got ready, he looked out the window, watching his men get blown up, and that did seem to change his speed a bit. General Washington gave me a very different impression.

General Washington seemed to be just the opposite of General Rall. He didn't spend a long time on himself. He was out with his men, experiencing everything they did. He even got off his horse of honor, to walk with them and show them that he was one of them. The differences between the two Generals were very evident to me.

For some reason, it was very important to General Rall that he saw General Washington while on his deathbed. He was very persistent in needing to see him. And he got his wish. General Washington said that he didn't was people to think of him and his men as savages. These few details made me very quickly form strong opinions of them.

Just these few things I have mentioned were part of the two Generals lives. Their individual personalities and values added to the course of history. Or at least the victorious battles won and led by George Washington, setting our country free.



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