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Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSFL) Operating Services is Florida's largest insurer, serving more than 6 million residents in total. Three trends that redefine how Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida brings value to its members are through consumer empowerment, E-business, and financial services modernization. BCBSFL holds approximately 30% of the HMO market share in Florida, which is twice the share of its nearest competitor. BCBSFL offers a BlueComplements program filled with discounts and services that allow members to stay healthy. Theses advantages include Healthy Alternatives, Vision One, TruVision, Hearx, GlobalFit, SafeTech, and Walgreens Mail Order Pharmacy.

BCBSFL offer a Complementary Alternative Medicine Program that allows its member to select Alternative Health Providers such as Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, and Chiropractors. Members may receive up to 25% savings or more by using an Alternative Health Provider in the American Specialty Health Networks in Florida and nationwide. BCBSFL members may also save 15-45% plus free standard shipping on thousands of health products. For example, vitamins, health-related books, tapes, smoking cessation, and herbal supplements.

Vision One is a discount program that allow BCBSFL members to receive comprehensive vision care through a program offered by Cole Managed Vision, which offers savings on both eyes and on eyewear. Members pay $35 for an eye exam for eyeglasses and receive discounts of up to 60% off retail prices for frames and lenses. Also, since this a discounted program offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida there is no claims to file for independent vision care centers throughout Florida.

TruVision is a Laser Vision Correction Program offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida to those members who wish to have laser surgery to correct their vision. Affordable laser vision correction services are provided to members for a discounted fee for BCBSFL members of $895 per eye, and TruVisions offers 100% financing with approved credit. The services that TruVision cover are comprehensive eye exams, pre and postoperative care, and an enhancement warranty.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Hearx program offers hearing care and hearing aids. Hearx is the largest hearing care organization accredited by the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Members receive free hearing examinations



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