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The Coca Cola Company

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Essay Preview: The Coca Cola Company

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By Rachelle L Goude

Personal Finance

June 30, 2006

Stock Chosen: The Coca Cola Company

Stock Symbol: KO

Last Trade Price: $43.02

1. Chart: The Basic Chart page includes information pertaining to the past 52 weeks, splits, basic stock information and the option to compare the stock with other stocks. It basically shows the "now" and "then" information of the stock. There is also a technical analysis hotlink that allows a person to see different aspects of the stock including moving average, range from one day to the day the company came to the market and volume. This information is helpful to the technical analyst.

2. Financials: The financials hotlinks include the income statement for the company, balance sheet and cash flow. The income statement shows total revenue, any losses the company may have, operating income and net income. The balance sheet shows assets, liabilities and stockholder equity. The cash flow worksheet shows how the company spends their money. This information is helpful for anyone looking into buying stock in the company. It shows how well a company is doing financially.

3. Historical Prices: This section does just what the title says; it gives the historical prices of the stock for a specified time. This section goes all the way back to the beginning of the stock and gives an overall view of how the stock has done throughout the years. This data is useful for carrying out regression analysis etc. for the purpose of calculating beta and other technical analysis.

4. Industry: This section is a look into how the company compares to the overall industry they are grouped in. It also contains news on different companies in the industry as well as the option to view the different companies. This information is useful when trying to decide between two companies of the same industry.

5. Insider Transactions: This section is dedicated to stock purchases by people within the company over the past six months. There is also a section that breaks down the individual transactions for the past two years. This information shows how much a company's own people believe or do not believe in their own company.

6. Profile: This is the business summary. It includes an overall summary of the company and what they do, who the chief players are and what sectors they are attached to. This information is important to anyone wanting to know more about the company.

7. Research Reports: This page is for the analyst to post their findings after doing research on the company. I see on my page it is a pay-to-read report page. Some of the reports included for the Coca Cola Company include 3-in-1 Investment Climate report, The Coca-Cola Company: Business description, financial summary, 3yr and interim financials, key statistics/ratios and historical ratio analysis, and more.

8. SEC Filings: This page provides links to various statutory filings of the company with the SEC such as 10K's, quarterly reports, other



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