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The Coca-Cola Company Human Resources

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                                      Unit No: 2

                           Title: Human Resources

                                          HND Business Management


                                           Lecturer: Daw Lai Yee Myo

                                              Student: Hein Htet Paing

The coca-cola company is the flagship coca- cola. The only soft drink production and selling company nowadays, almost 70 years. This company was invented in 1886. In 1995, when a bottler sold fanta orange, coca-cola’s offering started for expand. Coca-cola added a wide various of soft drink selections and portion size for customers. It offered products are Coca – cola, sprite , fanta , diet coke , coca – cola zero, coca –cola life ,Dasani, minute maid, ciel, powerade , simply orange , coca –cola life, fresca, glaceau vitamin. This company believes selling of soft drink for every lifestyle. In austral coca –cola Amital company limited manufactured, sold and distributed soft drink and food products. The company’s operation was divided into two segments .

                  Human Resources planning is the process of identifying current and future human resource needs of an organization to achieve its objectives. Staff planning should serve as a link between human resources management and the overall strategic plan of the organization. The growing demand for older workers in most Western countries and for skilled workers in developing countries underscores the importance of effective human resource planning.This plan is usually performed so that the organization can move from its current position to the desired location. Human planning begins with estimating the workload of the company and finds sources of information to fulfill its needs.Human resource planning should not only fill vacancies, but also find the right people for the right job category. It also aims to train the skills of existing employees through an interactive training program designed to provide the skills necessary to achieve organizational goals in the future.

Coca-cola’s Human Resources planning

Coca-Cola's management of Coca-Cola Company's human resources organization is focused on acquiring and retaining highly qualified and skilled people to maintain their strongest position. high on the market. These resources are treated as assets. Coca-Cola provides employees with intelligent salaries that are competitive and truly satisfy their employees. In addition to salary, they offer many amenities and amenities. In short, the wage structure can be described as follows. Workers can receive fees, sellers, salaries and fees that meet specific criteria. A truly competitive salary.

Important of coca-cola’s Human Resources Planning

Human resource management is an integral part of any organization. The development of this department is also the first step in the future of the company. This is essential for a single business unit, especially for international companies such as Coca-Cola. It's a person, it's not the technology to start a business. The management of Coca-Cola's staff has many advantages and disadvantages. It is a global enterprise, it is impossible to create specific policies and procedures that apply to all departments of the company, and cultural and political differences must be taken into account.

Internal Factor of Coca-cola’s Company

Internal strengths and weaknesses within the organization Internal factors can significantly affect the ability of a company to achieve its goals. If a company has a positive effect, it can be regarded as a weakness if it has an adverse effect on an asset or a company.The business environment of the company and its implications are included in the management of the company. Coca-Cola's trusted internal environment is the efficiency of production processes, appropriate organizational capabilities, effective communication networks, and more. Coke verifies whether it is used to effectively monitor and manage its internal environment and may be invalid at all stages of the consumption and manufacturing processes.Impact of Human Resources Planning in Coca-cola company-Insufficient personnel plans can have a dangerous effect on business productivity. There are no specific responsibilities or assignments for nonproductive employees. Lack of change, lack of motivation, inappropriate management strategy leads to an unproductive workplace. Effects of change on the staff. Personnel planning is the process of identifying the current and future human resources needs of an organization to achieve its goals. Personnel planning should be a link between HR management and the overall strategic plan of the organization. Many internal and external factors influence the management planning function within Coca-cola company. Whatever size, age, sales, product or service, planning is the most important element of management. Coca-Cola is by no means an exception. Coca-Cola is probably the most famous, most popular, best-selling soft drink in history. Synonymously with Coca - Cola, the company produced approximately 550 million people in 2007 and sold other brands such as Sprite, Dasani, Bacardi, Fanta, Minute Maid, Powerade and so on up to 28.9 million dollars Also. In this paper, we will examine four major domestic and external factors that affect the management plan. Globalization, technology, diversity, ethics. It also describes how administrators use delegation to control the impact these factors have on the four management functions.

External Factor of Coca-cola

External factors that affect companies. Various external factors can influence a company's or an investment's ability to achieve its strategic goals and goals. These external factors include social, legal and technical changes as well as economic and political circumstances. All activities of HRM are affected in any way by these factors. Specifically, the staff's plan, recruitment and selection, arrangement, training, remuneration, labor relations and layoffs will follow the provisions of the Constitution. Impact of Human resources Planning in Coca-Cola- Government Ordinance  with the introduction of new workplace compliance standards, the HR department is constantly being forced to abide by the law. This type of regulation covers all HR processes such as employment, training, benefits and layoffs. If these rules are not met, the Coca-cola company can impose a large number of fines. If it is not good enough, it can be closed. Workforce Demographics - As old generations retire and new generations join the labor market, human resources must seek ways to attract these new candidates.  Need to offer various types of compensation programs suitable for this young generation. At the same time, they must provide a working environment that is contrary to the activities of this generation. Technological Advancement - When new technologies are introduced, HR can be seen as an outside influence as it can review downsizing methods and look for ways to save money. Work that employs 2 to 4 people can be reduced to one person's work. The technology revolutionises business practices not only from the consumer point of view, but also internal cost reduction methods.



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