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Tester Case

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For the final project, my role was the Bug Tester. I had to test codes as functional parts became available, but unfortunately, they didn't become available until almost the very end. I also had to keep track of bugs that were found and fixed in a bug report. Last but not least, I had to ensure the Code Monkey followed good programming techniques.

In order to move the project along, I assisted on many individual parts of the project, ranging from helping create the actual board game, to helping code parts of the game. During the beginning, Claire and I went and took pictures of the rooms we ended up using in the game. I also typed up a good chunk of the project description and added comments. One of the parts of code I contributed to was the Card Pile class. In this class, there is an arrayList in which what cards to get and remove would be determined, therefore deciding whether or not those conditions met the murder conditions. The characters, weapons, and rooms were all added to the card pile.

Aspects of the project that went well include team cooperation, coming up with clever ideas that met/went beyond the requirements, not getting distracted, and everyone branching out to help others in different areas.

What the team could have done better would have definitely been time management. We had difficulty completing everything on time, and ended up working until the night before it was due. Not only that, but we had trouble contacting people. That aside, I am very confident in what our group was able to accomplish under the circumstances and under time pressure and I hope you will enjoying playing our game.



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