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I like to think of myself as psychologically healthy in most respects. There is no one part of my life that greatly out weighs any other. I have a history of mental instability's, but I have worked through my problems in that area. I am in control of my emotions and the affect they have on my life and the lives of the people around me. Spiritually I believe I am healthier than many of my peers, but that is only because of my "religion". Like everyone else, I have good days and bad days, but I think I manage my bad days very well comparatively, and I am able to enjoy my good days without difficulty. When I was suffering from depression however, I did not have any good days, and my bad days were more than bad, they were hopeless.

I have suffered from bi-polar depression since I was ten. This means that I could be having a perfectly fine day (for someone with depression) and without warning I could have an onset of serious depression, and become so unsociable and bitter that I would drive everyone away from me. For five years of my life I only had one or two real friends who I could turn to and trust that they would support me through whatever was going on. I saw a psychologist and worked through my problems, and now I am happier than ever with myself. Since I have gotten over my depression my life has been on an upward swing, I have a new perspective on things and I am much more at ease with the world.

Many teenagers are ruled by their emotions, this can lead to a very unhealthy social life. I feel that I am in almost total control of my emotions. If something evokes an emotion in me that I feel is inappropriate or exaggerated, I am able to simply tuck it away for the time being. I have developed a way of "saving" my emotions; I will have an emotion, stick it in the back of my mind, and later that night as I am asleep I will "dream it out". With this method I am able to deal with my feelings however I want. Once I have dealt with my emotions in my dreams, I no longer feel the burden of them on my conscience.

My spiritual health is to objective for me to judge alone, yet I do not think anyone else is in a position to judge it for me. I feel that people that believe in God are taking the easy way out of a very complicated universe. Many people will try to pray every day and believe full heartedly in God, but I think these people are the least spiritually healthy. I am sure they would say the same



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