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Faith Test

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Faith Test #3

One of the biggest tests of faith is holding on to God's promises when going through a rough time in a Christian's life. Often Christians tend to believe that the reason for their troubling times is because of a sin or simply that "God hates them", when actually it is the furthest from the truth. One can find this through the great example of Abraham in Genesis 22: 1-24, that God's promises hold true even through times where faith might run thin. The first thing one can learn from Abraham's example is to be obedient to God even when rough events come. Often one can let circumstances rule their emotions, and the first mistake one will make is misplacing their trust in God's promises for their own feelings of fear and inadequacy. In verses two and three , the first thing that Abraham does is stay obedient to God as he prepared the next morning to go to the place God had asked him to sacrifice his son. The next lesson is that even though one might feel far away from God in troubling times that is when God is the closest. A great example is the well-known poem, Footprints in the Sand. The character in the story looks back on his life and sees only one set of foot prints in the hardest time of his life and two sets with God by his side when his life was going well. He first thought that at the hardest points in his life he was alone, but God explains in those times he was being carried just like that in Abraham's story God stayed with Abraham the entire way as God arrives on the scene to supply him with the alternate sacrifice after God sees Abraham's faithfulness. When Christians are going through hard times it is crucial to rely on the promises that God has given. Abraham relied on the promise that God gave him in Genesis 17:19, which Sarah would have a son, and that son God will establish his covenant through to everlasting generations.



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