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Teens from Wealthy Families Have More Mental Health Issues Than Those from Less-Off Families

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Essay Preview: Teens from Wealthy Families Have More Mental Health Issues Than Those from Less-Off Families

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“Teens from wealthy families have more mental health issues than those from less-off families”


 Wealthy parents put unrealistic expectations to their children that leads to mental health issues according to lastest research. Their children are at risk of suffering from mental illness due to putting so much pressure to their children in order to succeed. And also aclaimed that families with high annual income suffer from anxiety depression twice from less-of families.

 Issues such as eating disorders, drug abuse and self-harming were soaring among wealthy teenagers. Teenagers of both at school and in extra-curricular activities are put in relentless pressure that leads to increase of feeling of vulnerability. And so, many children are having a hard time and finding it possible to live up to the expectations being placed on them by their wealthy successful parents.

 We all know that our parents wanted so much from us. They want us to succeed in every field and it's like we don’t want them to be disappointed on us. But what if we fail them? What if we become unsuccessful? We really fear that to happen right? Just as if we are not carried away by their pressures but we know that pressure itself is also applied in sports, by our mentors and even our friends that adds to the pressure being imposed from our families.

 Overly competitive parents put extra pressure and they tend to forget that their children may experience anxiety and depression due to fear and shame if they become a failure. There are high pressure that quite begins from young age with competition for honors and testing at primary level forcing children to recognize the need for success. Privileged children are much more vulnerable. And that is the evidence points to one cause: the pressure for high achievement.

Some children became school-phobic, shattered by fear of failure and these increases anorexia, depression and self-harming than ever before.The fear of failure becomes so intense that they cannot even cope to go to school.

Increase academic stress placed on teenagers to desire top on universities and activities that were supposed to be fun are added with extra pressure that every child should endure instead of just enjoying it at the same time gaining more experiences with peers. It becomes a traumatic event to teenagers with this pressure especially if they cannot achieve what they desire. And the pressure that comes from families is high pressure traps that their children fall into.



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