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Teenagers Case

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There are several phenomenon can be observed from the teenagers. Firstly the Teenagers in recent years are more lacking of self-control. It can be explained by they don't have a role model to follow so that they are trying to find out where is the bottom line of the adult, or the society, can accept. As the Christian think that God or the Bible is their standard of living, teenagers should be able to find their own model to follow. However, there are less Christian in the new generation because of the religion diverse and deficiency. According to Wei, "Teenagers are living at a society with the coexisting of religion diverse and deficiency. But the number of student without any religion are increasing. To those who don't have religion is tending to believe in fortune telling because the uncertainty in lives are getting serious and some of them lack the respect and revere towards life. So the religion diverse amd deficiency is the main reason for those social problem."

Secondly, the sex crimes committed by teenagers is getting serious nowadays. According to the Sun Newspaper "Sexual violence cases in Hong Kong hit five-year high, the Social Welfare Department has received almost seven hundred cases newly reported last year, soared nearly double the previous year" It is an important source that telling us the sex crimes phenomena among teenagers. It is attributed to the family. The stability of a family is decreasing rapidly along with the divorce rate raise. Since family can be the role of the social control, the high divorce rate can directly affect bring to social instability and lead to sex crime appear, like derail. According to Wei, "The family environment is greatly affecting the growth of teenagers. The family environment include the economic situation, the profession of the parents, the level f education, etc. A good family environment and education can benefit their children life-long. Conversely, it can bring dispiriate life to their children."

I strongly agree with Wei because the teenagers are born and bred in the only family and it is the place for them to spend their childhood, the stage where they develop their own values. If the family are not able to instill the right values towards sex into their children, they wil probably learn the sexual information by the other ways. But the mental development of some teenagers are not muture enough to think independently so that it will



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