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Teenage Pregnancy

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Essay Preview: Teenage Pregnancy

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Dual distribution is the channel arrangement between Viacom and Time Warner because they both offer the same product to consumers. The intermediaries of Time Warner include MTV, VH1, BET, Spike TV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central. Time Warner's entertainment sections include cable, filmed entertainment, networks, and Internet access subscription services with inventory including AOL, HBO, CNN, Time, Fortune, People, Sports Illustrated, Time Warner Cable and Warner Brothers. The cable section includes, but not limited to, Digital Services, DVR's, High Definition, and Road Runner. They also have a Publishing Division that creates books and magazines.

A vertical conflict occurs when a producer and distributor or producer and distributor deal directly with the consumer and/or retailer. Time Warner and Viacom have a vertical conflict since Time Warner is below Viacom, and Viacom has some control over what happens to them. One particular conflict is, "Viacom's top executives spoke up about concern that allowing fans to watch shows like Jersey Shore on their iPad device was "cannibalizing" audiences on traditional platforms. The company maintained it needed compensation" (Gardner, E., np).

One way to be able to come to a resolution over this conflict could be to work together to be able to profit off of each others success. Another way to resolve a conflict is to incorporate a web-based software solution that merges all facets of negotiating a distribution channel into a single partner web site. When this is accomplished, you will increase productivity, lower costs, and make it easier to do business with the manufacturer. One of the best ways to resolve conflicts is to establish a, "joint effort of all channel members to create a channel that services customers and creates a competitive advantage" (Lamb, C., pg 221). Unfortunately, this is not easily accomplished and is sometimes impossible when two parties are unwilling to cooperate with one another.

The availability of other options affects the price elasticity of demand because it gives buyers alternatives. For example, Dora the Explorer can be traded for other teaching cartoons such as Go Diego Go, Sesame Street, Blues Clues, and Classical Baby. Also, there are a variety of online interactive games that could replace Dora. This will give your child a more hands-on approach to learning. When a child does something repetitious,



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