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Ted Bundy

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I wanted to start my speech off with a quote said by Ted Bundy, but they are all just super morbid and scary, so I turned away from that. So without that being said, Ted Bundy was a famous serial killer in the 1970’s and was known for rapeing and murdering at least thirty-six women. Discussing his early, middle, and late years seemed essential so everyone can be more informed on who this man was.

Theodore “Ted” Bundy started off his life as a mistake. His mother conceived him without being married, which was a huge disgrace to his grandparents considering they were very religious. Once Bundy was born, the whole family pretended as if Bundy’s grandparents were actually his parents; which would also mean, his mother pretended to be his sister. Bundy didn’t find this out until years later in his life, said by “Conversations with a Killer”. People say Ted always seemed to be a very bright, intelligent child but he had some bad habits that would get him in trouble. For instance, Bundy would stare into random people’s windows and plot the things he wanted to steal. Although he was caught several times, I don’t believe this is what peaked his criminal career. However, what happens next could play a major role.

Bundy enrolled at the University of Washington in 1966 and led a Chinese major career. While at college, he met a lady named Stephanie Brooks. He fell madly in love with Stephanie and they dated till the fall of 1968 when she broke up with Ted because he dropped out of school. Many people believe this breakup is what spiked the killings of at least thirty-six women. All of the women Ted murdered fit the same description as his first love, Stephanie-college student, tall, with long and dark hair. Anyway, Ted finally went back to the University and ended up graduating with a degree in psychology in 1972. Bundy was looked up to in his society since he graduated with a degree in psychology and since he wanted to go to law school. He knew a lot of people, including the governor at the time, and since people did look up to him in many different ways, he was later labeled as the “unexpected killer”.

There was many women that came up missing in Seattle, where Bundy lived, and somehow, missing women just seemed to follow wherever he went. In 1974, he moved to Utah where of course, more women came up missing. Bundy just happened to get pulled over and when the police inspected his car, they found rope, masks, and handcuffs.



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