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Human Tendency - Ted Bundy

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Essay Preview: Human Tendency - Ted Bundy

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Humans Display Both Tendencies

October 30, 2011

Human condition is generally used as a term to describe the generality of people with regard to how we interact, and the reasoning for such interactions. The words human condition, are typically spoken from a negative aspect, i.e., he or she is that way because....

As we gain better knowledge of our nature, we become less likely to contribute to 'human condition'. In other words, we become better equipped to help with the improvement of our own lives.

Being a Psychology major, and curious about 'what happens to make a person go over the edge', I decided to write this commentary with focus on a scene from the movie, Ted Bundy, the serial killer. I then began to read his story, and then went on to review excerpts from a CNN article Theodore Robert Bundy truly fell in love with Stephanie Brooks. The two dated for several months. On the evening that Ted was to meet Stephanie's parents, he completely forgot about the dinner plans and did not show up. Later in the evening, Stephanie confronts Ted about his lack of maturity.

Out of anger, Stephanie expresses to Ted her disgust with his behavior and lack of initiative in their relationship. She tells him that she no longer wants to date him and that their relationship was over. Ted does not take the breakup well and proceeds to go on a rampage of killings with his victims holding an uncanny resemblance to Stephanie.

Months later, Stephanie returns to find what she perceives as the 'new Ted'. He appears to be all grown up and living a responsible life and the two begin dating again. Ted takes Stephanie out to a restaurant where he expresses his undying love for her and in the presence of other patrons, he asks for her hand in marriage. Stephanie excitedly accepts and Ted excuses himself to go to the bathroom...he never returns.

Conflict is the confrontation of powers (Social Construction of the Serial Killer). Social is intentionally taking into account other selves, and power is the capability to produce effects through another person. Therefore, social conflict is the confrontation of social powers. Violence can be the result of emotions brought on by conflict and can constitute reflex behavior (Sociological Perspective, 1995-2008).

To view Ted Bundy from a sociological perspective would be to incorporate the influence of his social environment. What Ted perceived as reality appears to push him over the edge. To quote Grenz; "And left to ourselves, we cannot find a satisfying



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