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Technology's Downside

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There is no doubt that technology has played a major roll in many people's lives today. It has affected the way we perform our daily routine, communicate with people, and just about anything else that is done in a day and night. But most of the technology we have is thought of as a good thing. Actually it is not a positive for our world, its is bad for us.

In the early days many people would have to get together to communicate and interact among each other. Today all we do is log onto our computers and interact in a cyber chat. The computer technology has cut down on actual human contact interaction. All the communication is performed through the Internet chat rooms and e-mails. Also, computers have hurt us in another way. Computers run everything in our world and if they break down nobody knows how to do the job the computer was doing manually. We have become dependent on the computers to make all things run like clock- work and keep us going. Nothing is done manually anymore which only complicates the process. The people have become ignorant on how actions are performed.

Another technology downside was the A-bomb. Its invention wound up killing large quantities of people. To go along with that, other weapons such as the automatic machine gun or laser guided missiles have been invented only to cause human death and mass destruction. Our war-like technology has only increased human casualties and lowered the fair fighting type warfare.

People in our world have become lazy due to technology. Instead of getting up and turning the channel we now have remote controls. Garage door openers have eliminated the use of manually lifting the doors, and self propelled mowers have made it so that no effort is needed to mow the grass. The more technology is used the less effort there is put fourth by the person which in turn makes them more lazy and weak. For example, in farming the combine was invented which made hands-on-work in the field obsolete. It just seems that we are headed to a world that requires no effort at all to live in. In hospitals technology has helped save lives but by doing so it has added a huge price tag to the person that is saved. The patient in the hospital can expect a very large bill to pay once they recover due to the technology that was used on them to save their life. Technology always comes with a big price tag and will never be free or cheap. Anytime someone makes a cellular phone



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