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Techno Music

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Electronic music has been around since the late 60's and is now a very popular type of music among many poeple. My favorite genre of electronic music is Techno. Techno is a hard edge driven dance music that contains electronic sounds, high-energy, and a rhythmic beat. The sounds can range from simple beats of a drum to TV and movie dialogue or siren screams. Around 1986, there was a scene in Detroit which began spinning a futuristic kind of music. The DJ's began experimenting with electronic music and playing it in their clubs. This type of music slowly gained popularity and developed its own sub-genres and underground fan base. The term techno has been used in order to describe many kinds of electronic music.

The first type of techno that was developed was loosely called Minimal Techno or Detroit. It was just a simple rhythm with a small number of eletronic sounds. In my personal opinion, this is not an interesting genre. Although minimal techno was the true budding point of Techno I always thought is was boing compared to other more advanced music that is now available. I would compare it with the relation between a string quartet against the power of a big orchestra.

The next sub-genre is my favorite. Trance is one of the most popular style of Techno at large parties. Trance all started in Germany in the beginning of the nineties at a party called "Age of Love", where DJ Sakin played the first trance song ever: "Protect Your Mind". It was a huge hit and helped trance become one of the most popular forms of techno. The beats in Trance music tend to be louder than in other genres, which makes the music "hotter". The bass often fluxuates between high and low sounds mixed with a dreamy and spacy sound. To be more specific trance music contains many drum climaxes and wavy sounds. Trance music also branched into it's own sub-genres such as Goa. Goa is similar to trance only more psychedelic. It uses more trippy sounds and wibbly noises layered on each other.

Harder versions of techno are kown as Hardcore. Hardcore is aggressive, frenzied, occasionally abrasive, and generally sounds like chaos. About 1992, hardcore evolved in two directions; darkside and happy hardcore. Darkside was more evil sounding and had extremely hard base. In happy hardcore the speed was turned up, cheesey



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