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Team Dynamics and Team Conflict Resolution

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Essay Preview: Team Dynamics and Team Conflict Resolution

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At the age of twenty-four I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I knew I had an interest in fashion, but I was uncertain what my future would hold. So I decided to go to school and major in fashion design and Merchandising. School was never my strongest point, but I knew if I wanted to have a career that was the sacrifice I had to make. I enjoyed the decision because for the first time in my life I was doing what I really loved.

During my time in school, I also landed a job within a large global firm I felt I was making progress and it felt good .Because of that I took pride in every thing I did, I worked hard at the office and also in school. It was a challenge due to the requirements that both of my responsibilities called for. Designing was always my strength. Drawing came easy to me, like second nature. Both of my parents are not professional artists, but could have been-it was one of those talents that was inherited. I would just look at something simple as drapes hanging from the window and create designs that were good enough for the runway. It came to me very easy because that was my love, but then I hit a tough spot.

Just when I thought I would love every aspect of fashion, I found out we had to take a Draping course. This course was a mandatory course that had several levels. This course required the drawing of patterns, draping on a mannequins and sewing. In other words, it meant the creation of a garment from scratch. This was a difficult task for me because I did not know much about sewing. Further more, I did not know there were so many aspects of Fashion that I had no clue about. I thought it only conceived of sketching designs, but later I found out how I was wrong. This course required very long hours both in and out of class. The assignments were not easy. Even though I dreaded this class at the end of this course I never felt more fulfilled. It felt good to know all my time and effort paid off. I remember it took me six weeks just to produce a skirt. I remember it took me six weeks just to produce a skirt. This wasn't any ordinary skirt, though. This is what I called my Versace original. I was so amazed by my finished product.

Even though I was producing so well, time management became an issue. As time progressed the office required more of my time. It became difficult to juggle the two. But, I made it. I graduated with an Associates Degree



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