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Team Communication

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Throughout humankind, communication been used from sending firer signals to the pony express; communication is a very important part of our world today. Team Leader and member should always know their audience. Managers have all the tools necessaries to get their message across from meeting, email, office bulletin board, using FedEx. No matter how they chose to get the message across effective communication is important.

This paper will discuss the effective communication in a team. Looking more in depth on this subject, explain the reason communication is important, how barriers can effect communication. Explain several ways to improved team communication.

What is team communication? Team communication is the process of conveying information to a group of people in a way that everybody understands. The first step in team communication: how you will react in different situation. Maybe you are prone to anger could you objectively look at the problem with an open mind (Paul Rutter). Team leader and member should understand their limitations, better they understand teams can communication effectively. Team leader must understand People communicate better when they feel more comfortable with each other. Team member must understand their role clearly or the team will never achieve anything if you are not on the same page. One important thing is communication of any Teams is you should know your audience, who you talking with. Team member should always know each other background. Beside moral or ethical standard, can destroying communication of any team Leader and members.

Barriers to Effective Communication

The choice of words or language can influence the quality of communication.

Team member will sometime become defensiveness, guilt, project, misreading of body language, tone and other nonverbal communication. Power struggles in the team (two chief) not enough Indians. Some team member could bias which include stereotyping. Stereotyping is the most common. Experience of individual members on the team can effect communication. Cultural different can effect team communication.

Team leader and members should not take anything personal. Like in any relationship controlled your personal feeling. Step back and evaluated the situation and realize that what you think is personal can be a regular reaction for the person. In a situation words must show example to the people you are talking with. Team communication is more about interacting then presentation. To have an effective team one must listen actively, that mean you are to stop talking and listen to each other (Ted Pollock, 2008). On an average team leader can spend up to or at least 80% of their time communication with other team member (Ted Pollock, 2008). Team leader should take this note “Listening is one of the most important aspects of communication including active listening where one actively demonstrates they are listening through both verbal and nonverbal signals” (Ted Pollock, 2008). Without active listening team members, can sometime misunderstand, and misinterpret what other team members or trying to say.

Several ways to improve communication (Ted Pollock, 2008)

1. Understand your audience. One plus one equal two, everyone know that. The words and examples must tailor your audience.

2. Know your subject. It can be very embarrassing if you can’t explain what you discussing

3. Avoid vagueness. Word could have great deal of uncertainty to them.

4. Say what you. Express all details in a clear and oblivious way leaving no doubts. Do not assumed everyone know what you are talking speaking about.

5. Explain yourself. Take time to explain yourself. Do not always assume your team knows as much as you know about the project. Teams are guilty of this because members have this” if know it you should to” attitude. In team meeting go in with a clear mind that you are going to listen without prejudice and listen to what your team member have to say is important, create a relationship. People are at their best when they feel comfortable. Remember it take time to create a good relationship with



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