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Business Report of Communication with Audience and in Team

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Essay Preview: Business Report of Communication with Audience and in Team

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Report of Communication with Audience and in Team

Presented to

Senior Executive

Prepared by: Siyang Feng

21st October 2018

Version 1.0

Table of Contents

Executive Summary        3

Introduction and Background        4

Findings and Discussions        5

Communications to Different Stakeholders        5

Presentation to Organizers        5

Presentation to Investors        6

Presentation to Users        6

Communications in Team        7

Communication Conditions in Team        7

Solving the Communication Problem in Team        7

Conclusion and Recommendations        9

Executive Summary

This report can be separated into two sections. The first section mainly talks about the importance of differing methods of communication and presentation which are attended to the different needs and requirements of different stakeholders from different parts of the world. The second one talks about how to ensure the effective communication and what makes the effective communication in multicultural team.

For the first section, it will be more efficient to presentation with the audience feature analysing three typical audiences are selected:

  • The number of organizers is always small and in near location can have a informal meeting presentation with slides in limited time.
  • The number of investors is various and they live in different parts of the world. Informal online presentation with slides or graphs will work in limited time.
  • To present to the large amount of users,  it’s better to use formal online and offline presentation at the same time with the product live experience.

For the second section, the reason of team communication is analysed. It’s easy to find out that it’s a multicultural environment team but its teammate still not satisfy the behaviors from other culture. This kind of situation prevent the efficient communication in the group. To solve this problem, there are three stages are involved: mutual learning, mutual understanding and mutual teaching.

In conclusion, this report mainly solve the occured problems of the team presentation to different stakeholders and the inefficient communications in team.

Introduction and Background

The major job of our team is to generate the software applications for phone. As we are a global company, we have multiple kinds stakeholders from all over the word. Moreover, the teammates in our team also come from multiple countries with different cultures.

Our team always uses powerpoint presentation to deliver our product information for all of the stakeholders and doesn’t consider the specific requirement from stakeholders. Thus, effect of the presentation is not good enough for all the stakeholders. Actually, the methods of presentation always be different regarding the different kinds of stakeholders to satisfy their needs. In this report, I will divided the stakeholders into different parts based on their needs, requirements, locations, functions and other impact factors. With the analyzation of the impact factors and the features of different presentation methods, I can finalize the methods of presentation which will be suitable for different kinds of stakeholders.

Inner-communications is a very important concept in a project team for the quality product. The communication in team can be divided into two methods, synchronous and asynchronous communication. It’s important to distinguish the situations for synchronous and asynchronous communication. Besides, our multicultural communication channel also influence the working efficiency in a team. In this report, I will list the potential communication problems in our team and find out the way to solve them.

This report is divided into two sections, communication with stakeholders and inner-team communications. For each section, I will list the potential problems our team contains and the way to solve. And then, I will give a brief conclusion.

Findings and Discussions

Communications to Different Stakeholders

Presentation is a kind of communication which aims to convince their audience. For the different stakeholders, we should consider different methods of presentation to achieve a more efficient communication result which is convincing the stakeholders.

Presentation to Organizers

Organizers are one of our stakeholders who have the right to decide if our project can start or not. There are only several people related as the organizers and normally, it’s easy to collect all the organizers together to have a informal presentation. The aim of this presentation is to persuade organizers to pass our project and get some support by providing the information they might interested in.

In this kind of presentation, powerpoint or other alternative product is always needed to lead the mind and get visual concept. Because most of the organizers are not professional in software development. It’s important to use powerpoint to attract their attentions and get them easily understand in a meeting room or office. Almost all the organizers are busy in work and they don’t have enough time to listen all the details about the product. Thus, it’s very important to present the whole structure and most valuable section in the limited time and leave minutes for reaction response and discussion.

Presentation to Investors

The next stakeholders are investors. The most important features for investors is they may come from all over the word,  especially for the global company as we are. The scope of the number of investors can be one, several or even thousand. Thus, It’s almost impossible to collect all the investors to face to face. The importance of the presentation to investors is persuade them continue investing by showing them the most valuable part of our product and providing forecasting income they can get under the market.



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