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The musical performance I attended was the Shepherd School Symphony Orchestra. The location of the performance was the Stude Concert Hall at Rice University. The concert hall was quite big it contained several seats which the central focus was the orchestra. Our seats were pretty close and were at a position which we could see the conductor's face. The audience was dresses quite casual and some were dressed sharp. The orchestra members were at rest and one could see the numerous instruments and see the differences of the physical properties of each instrument. When the performance began the conductor played a piece from overture to "Benvenuto Cellini" op. 23. I enjoyed this piece because the mood of the music seemed to portray a feeling of love. The music's melody was enjoyable and one could feel the emotion throughout the piece. One part that caught my interests was when the percussion played a solo part and the strings were being played lovely. I think it was a "pizzicato" is the instrument which I enjoyed because of the tunes and sounds that were illuminated. This instrument is what I think gave that romantic feeling in this piece. The following piece was one from Strauss, Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks. This piece opened up and I did not have an interest in this part of the performance. The piece seemed to be somewhat of a song were one could make a poem out of. The theme seemed kind of staggered and I really could not get a feel of the music. The part that I did enjoy was when the woodwinds and the strings played at one point together and what I think was a French horn too. The French horn had a weird shape to it and seemed somewhat confusing to play. However, the music that was coming out was quite unique. I could hear the difference of sound it created when it was being played. There was than an intermission and we were allowed to socialize a bit in the lobby. It was not too long until the second part started to begin.

The following music that was performed was Vaughan, Williams named Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis. I also enjoyed this piece of the orchestra I could hear variety elements of the music, but the music had a soothing tune to it. The string orchestra played so swiftly and was accompanied by a solo violin and viola. I could not hear the difference between the violin and the viola, but the music was harmonizing. The effect was seamless serenity marked with a sudden passion. In a way it resembled some what of a folk like beat. I did not



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