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Kansas Symphony

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I went to the Kansas City symphony on the 14th day of October, and experienced something that I might not have ever experienced in my life. I went with some of my close school friends, but while I was there listening and watching the orchestra, I felt a seclusion as if the orchestra was playing for me. First the orchestra began to play Kyrie, music that I could understand the meaning of just by hearing it without the translation. The composer came out before this music, along with the singers and the first violinists, all of whom I had never known took place. Also, while we took our seats passing all the rich old people, I heard the symphony tuning their instruments and warming up. It was by comparing this sound of chaos with the unity of the orchestra under the control of the conductor, that I realized how truly beautiful the sound of the synchrony of the different instruments, families, and voices.

Another thing that I noticed at this symphony was a factor in the symphony that I could relate to. From my birth to my 8th grade confirmation, I have been raised in a Catholic church. Although when I was little and tired on Sunday morning, I hated the boring sound of all the old men and women singing the hymns. But it was during this symphony that I realized that these songs were truly beautiful. Maybe it is because these songs were in a different language, but overall I think this style of music is highly interesting. For example, the song Gloria, was a hymn we would sing in my church. I remember the words while looking at the translation in the program. Also, I am not exactly sure but the two songs near the end of the show which contained, " Hosanna in the highest", seem very familiar. I mean, I know for a fact that this phrase was in the hymns that we sang. It was with these traditional sounding songs that I came to Christ, and here at the Kansas City Symphony, I was reminded of that and the actual beauty of the music, especially the synchrony of the instruments and voices.

Now a little background on Mozart and the writings of this Catholic Mass, is found in the program. It was when Mozart met the young Constanze, that his father became really scared of him getting married. Mozart's father felt that this could really hurt his career. However, Mozart was not planning on getting married, but when Constanze became ill, that Mozart made a promise to write a score for a mass, if she became better. She did get better



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