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Sustainable Day at Lakmé Fashion Week - Sunita Shankar

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Essay Preview: Sustainable Day at Lakmé Fashion Week - Sunita Shankar

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One of the leading handloom brands in South India, RmKV presented their latest collection "Re-crafting Traditional Silks" in collaboration with creative designer Sunita Shanker at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2018

RmKV's latest collection added a contemporary change to traditional outfits. The bespoke saris have been designed by taking inspiration from nature, art and architecture.

The Varnajalam range displayed multiple colours in an intense pattern that made it look different from all angles and met with agreement with the younger audience due to its reversible saris and lightweight Lino range that uses natural colours including turmeric and indigo.

Sunita Shankar's play with opaque as well as sheers, such as, organza and tissue with plain silk, created a theme on the ramp. The colours revealed a stunning arrangement of gorgeous magenta, orange and yellow with natural pink, shot green, gold and the latest sensation Rose Clay, which created a rainbow-like appearance.

She worked lavishly with crushed fabrics and pleats. Her garments suggested a variety of stylish options that were enduring in nature. A line of over garments, tops, tunics, dresses, kimonos, crushed pants, jacquard woven trousers and capes had a notable retro feel. The Kanjivaram pants and the saris were combined with either jackets or cropped tops which gave the traditional garment a modern edgy look. The interesting Chevron weave, the multi-coloured saris, tissues and leno weaves were light as air; while the rich brocades which had a similar appereance like the kinkhab of Varanasi added that final touch of grace.

The show stopper, former Miss Universe and actor Sushmita Sen scorched the ramp in a reversible fuchsia sari draped trendily over a pair of sleek pants and worn with a body-hugging corset blouse. "The collection showcases an exuberance in design, while retaining the values, which I have been able to associate with all my life. With a sharp focus on sourcing sustainable material and incorporating it into their products, they are changing the world of handloom silk," she says.



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