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Strategic Plan Overview

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Executive Summary

I am doing a strategic analysis on General Electric. GE has always been outstanding and marked by inventions which serve as milestones in technological advancement throughout the time. I will be giving a company background and their history. I will be giving a SWOT analysis which helps us to know the company's strengths and weakness and always ways to improve and compete with the current market. I will also be analyzing the values, mission and vision statement for GE. GE has grown from power generation to financial services to plastics to medical imaging and news and information. My recommendation for improving in any projects would be to collect data, analyze it, provide adequate feedback and take actions based on the results and feedback.

Company Background

GE Company has been around for more than 125 years. GE has 11 technology, services and financial businesses with more than 300,000 employees in 160 countries around the world. GE people worldwide are dedicated to be innovative, and imaginative and help people solve some of the world's toughest problems.

Vision Statement

General Electric's vision statement is "We bring good things to life'.

Mission Statement

GE does not have a clearly defined mission statement but their annual report has some clearly defined objectives. GE believes that innovation is the foundation of their past and key to their future. So GE's mission and vision says

"We bring good things to life".

Values Statement

GE's values are - Imagine, solve, build and lead - four bold verbs that express what it is to be part of GE.

Environmental Analysis

Internal Environment - Internal environment we can talk about the strengths and weakness which includes company culture, organization structure, operational efficiency, market share, financial resources, key staff, and patents and trade secrets.

External Environment - External environment will talk about the opportunities and threats which include customers, competitors, market trends, suppliers, technology, and political and regulatory environment.

Long Term objectives




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