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Strategic Plan Development Paper

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Strategic Plan Development Paper

University of Phoenix


SWOT Analysis

StrengthsNew company with tactical TQM planHeavy with invested funds.Fleet is new and mobileAll employees are trained on TQM principles Customers base establishedCRM established and readyVendor's approvedConsignment inventories programs establishedLocal to service areasMarketing campaigns successful Market segment selectedEmployees well trained WeaknessesNew and un-establishedEmployee attrition not defined or realizedManagers are not seasoned in the service industryPay scales are defined but not above competitors scalesMarketing campaigns are not kept currentSusceptible to material price fluctuationsSusceptible to gas price fluctuationsNot public

OpportunitiesNew market penetrationNew service offeredQuick growth and expansionNew market share ThreatsCompetitors start offering similar servicesPrice wars with competitorsCompetitors offer improved/additional services at same priceCompetitors (jiffy Lube, Pennzoil) have advanced access to channels Higher tax rates for waste disposal


Dr. Lube is a new growth oriented company with huge a potential for expansion and market presence. It is a financially stable company with investors providing more than 30 million in start up revenue. Their mobile fleet consists of newly purchased vehicles and machinery to perform their mobile services. In addition, they have already established a considerable customer base and well-defined Customer Resource Management (CRM) programs. Their approved vendor lists consist of reputable and acknowledged suppliers from the oil industries who have agreed to consignment programs. Key tactics and Total Quality Management (TQM) programs are implemented, well defined, and recognized throughout the organization. Dr. Lube possesses the capabilities to provided service throughout selected areas in a quick and timely manner. Additionally, Dr Lubes Marketing Department has successfully selected their market segment and marketed their services successfully producing a demand for the quick and mobile service. All employees receive extensive training on TQM methods and CRM techniques.


Dr. Lube is a new and un-established in its industry and the possibility of a decline in demand is prominent. Most of Dr. Lubes managers are from other industries and do not have the needed service skills. Ongoing management training is required. Employees have not yet had the opportunity to participate in daily business and attrition/turnover is not measurable. If promotions and marketing campaigns are not current and continuous, market share and demand may be imminent. Dr. Lube is susceptible to price fluctuations concerning materials and gas process for their fleets. Dr. Lube is not a publicly traded company.


Dr. Lube has the benefit of penetrating a new market segment and offers a service not provided by competitors. They also have the opportunity to offer additional services in addition to mobile oil change/lube, which may include tire services, mobile detailing and cleaning. They have the avenues to successfully grow and expand available and obtain a new market share in their industry.


Dr. Lube must be aware that certain threats may arise and be able to counter these threats. If competitors start offering similar services and a price war starts, Dr. Lube must have counter plans archived and ready to put to use. Dr. Lube must also have plans in place to react to competitors who may offer improved and additional services at competitive prices. The main threat is well established competitors do start to offer similar services, they will have advanced access to channels of distribution. Dr. Lube's legal teams should always be scanning environmental laws regarding waste disposal, maintain compliance and make effort to avoid increases in levies or taxes.

Vision Statement

Dr. Lube is an innovative company about to penetrate a new market of mobile oil and lube work. The leadership of Dr. Lube has committed to building and growing a business that is sustainable indefinitely. To this end, the president of Dr. Lube understands that visionary companies can tolerate change and achieve goals and objectives efficiently and effectively. He



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