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Statement of Work

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CSR24 24/7 Customer Service

IdNet in Partnership with

Afni Insurance Services

Luane M. Snyder


Fundamentals of Business Systems Development

Tuesday Night Class

Ram Iyer


Executive Summary 3

Scope Definition 4

Cost and Resource Analysis 5

Risk Review and Response 7

Projected Timeline and Milestones 9

Transition from Analysis to Design 9

Implementation 10

Escalation List and Phone Script 11

Training 12

Project Approvals 14

Vendor Due Diligence 14

Closure Document 17

Lessons Learned 21

Executive Summary

Problem Identification

Currently, ABC Insurance has no after hour answering service. This creates a problem for our clients who call our offices after normal business hours with questions or to report a claim. Another problem that was identified was with the ABC Insurance website. The web site does not allow current clients the ability to access their policy information.

An investigation was implemented to find a program what would eliminate the problem of after hour calls and provide customers access to their insurance policies. Research was done by calling other insurance agencies to find out how their organizations handled the problem. Calls were also made to our top carriers for their suggestions. A program was selected with the help of one of our carriers, who was currently working with a vendor with the program we were looking for. The vendor who was chosen was IdNet.

Project Goal

The project goal for ABC Insurance is to implement the CSR24 product from IdNet to provide ABC Insurance customers with greater accessibility to their insurance information. This product would provide our clients with the following:

* Internet access to policy information including overall recap, current coverage, vehicle and equipment information.

* Ability to print their own vehicle identification cards and certificates.

* 24-hour service through a centralized call center.

Project Cost Summary

* Year one cost estimates $18,673.00

* Ongoing annual maintenance $6,198.00

Resource Requirements

* Estimated IS resource hours = 161

* Estimated line of business resource hours =128

Technical Implications

* Through secure Internet means, ABC Insurance will provide IdNet a nightly snapshot of the Applied Systems database using software provided.

* Customer will access their insurance information through the ABC Insurance website via a link to IdNet.

* IdNet will place a Cisco 515 Firewall between ABC Financial Group and the World Wide Web.

Projected Timeline

* January 2, 2003 - June 2, 2003

Benefits of CSR24 Program

* 24/7 Call center for ABC Insurance

* Ability for clients to call in claims after hours and to have emergency calls escalated to a ABC Insurance employee for reporting and a call back

* Ability to for ABC Insurance client to issue their own certificates of insurance and auto id cards

* Ability for ABC Insurance clients to log into the CSR24 website via ABC Insurance web site to view their current insurance policies

Scope Definition

Business Objective

* Improve customer service by giving clients a quick and easy way to better understand their insurance information and to answer their own questions.

* Easily and inexpensively, provide customers with a 24-hour call center access and escalation.

* In the event the ABC Insurance servers go down, ABC Insurance employees have the ability to access client information through the web site provided by IdNet.

Project Assumptions and Deliverables

* Since ABC Insurance has already selected the vendor and product to meet their needs, the IS Project Management team will limit our scope to completing the due diligence necessary to ensure that the vendor selected provides minimal risk to ABC Financial Group

* IS Project Management will provide the overall project planning, timeline development and coordination.

* IS AWA (Application Web Development Team) will create a direct link from the existing ABC Insurance home page to the CSR24 product

* The vendor selected will provide ABC Insurance customers with 24 by 7 telephone support that will provide customers with the same information that can be accessed through



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