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Star Wars: Clone Wars

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Essay Preview: Star Wars: Clone Wars

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In the star wars universe the clone war was amongst one of the deepest impacting upon the galaxy. With most of the jedi eradicated from their own troopers the galaxy was left in turmoil as a supposedly new empire began to rule with tyranny and oppression. The soldiers the jedi had so recklessly took command of eventually betrayed them as a sith lord by the name of Palpatine or as most know Darth Sidious had planned this years before anyone would realize what really happened. Being very gifted in the dark side he was a master of appearance and deception as none of the jedi masters ever suspected him until it was too late and by this time most of the jedi had been killed by order 66. When it came to the jedi council's attention that a droid army was being made events before that had led them to believe a jedi knight had years ago given the cloners of Kamino authorization to build a grand army of the republic in which would fight on their behalf. The jedi in which gave this order was the apprentice of the sith lord and had defiled and left the jedi order to follow the ways of the sith.

With this the clone soldiers were created in vast forms ranging from battalions of troops to single and four man squads that would equal their weight in kills alone. Taking on the DNA of an amazingly agile and experience bounty hunter by the name of Jango Fett they were bred for war by a man bred to fight, this of course would not exactly be known as pure replication. The kaminoens were amazingly advanced and masters of cloning, this would lead to the experimentation of the DNA of troopers to make them more obedient, more intelligent, and adept to war. The years of training they would go through for the war would not have made them ready for most of the things that would be accomplished in the 20 years of the clone wars. The various types of soldiers that were used were amazing in each individual as even though they were clones, not one of them had the same personality. The armor most of them wore was in special request of Jango Fett to be the traditional mandalorian battle armor which was meant in most cases to guard only the most serious portions of the body such as arteries and veins. This was meant to make up for some of their mandalorian heritage, which was taken very seriously by those who trained them, as they were Mandalorians themselves. The day that troopers first saw battle was 10 years after their creation; in their terms with the age enhancing capabilities of the kaminoens they were actually 20 in age with the mind to go with it.

To start of the different types of soldiers Ill begin by talking about the original clone troopers that were meant more as simple distractions and diversions as the heavier troopers went in elsewhere to destroy critical points such as artillery. They wore plain white armor with no decals or ways to recognize one another except by code names and nick names. These were sent in first by the thousands. They normally used the standard DC-15 assault rifle which had a camera on the base of it that sent another image to their helmet interface for advanced sniper options while in live fire for more precise hits. Other weapons such as EMP rifles, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and sniper rifles were left for more advanced troopers that were trained with them for a majority of their lives. As Geonosis was the first battle the clones had seen and also the beginning of the war they were stunned as they were flash card trained before that with very few live fire exercises. In the beginning of the battle 1.2 million clone troopers stood ready for battle which was a significantly smaller number than that of the CIS or Confederacy of Independent Systems. Even with suppressed numbers at the beginning the clone troopers proved more efficient than droids in actual thought and coordination of the battlefield with tactics. The people that normally led the troopers were the jedi, which in most cases were padawans known as commanders. The jedi knights and masters were reserved to fight heavier battles with more advanced troopers that would be at a lower succession rate with a more critical need for control.

Clone commanders were the next step up and a bit closer to the famous ARC troopers. They commanded anywhere from squads to regiments of troopers. The colors they were distinguished their rank. The clone sergeants wore basic green decal on their shoulders and commanded squads that consisted of nine soldiers. Clone lieutenants wore blue on their shoulders directing platoons of 34 soldiers. These were normally the flanking squads, which would use the larger ranking commanders to draw fire while they went in from the sides to get a better advantage if possible. With the clone captains wearing red commanding platoons of 144 soldiers the largest of these were the task force managers or the clone commanders themselves in which directed regiments of up to 2500 soldiers at once on major battles that would require pure precision with no mistakes in tactics. Once past this rank the commanders would be broke down into marshals and senior commanders, these would normally lead with jedi knights or take their place should they leave the battlefield. The clone pilots stood in the same rank such as the one clone commander by the name of Odd Ball. He along with his platoon did considerable damage to the CIS in their invasion attempt on Coruscant.

ARC troopers were specialized soldiers that were very independent and hyper intellgent with the sense of remembering hundreds of code words, passwords, and anything else that would lead to the successful completion of a mission. Their name stood for Advanced Recon Commandos and they were amazingly deadly. One ARC trooper would hold his own where 500 clone troopers would struggle in a battle. With almost direct genes from Jango they carried his bad temper along with his compassion for working alone and testing themselves in batle. They would sometimes go on a solo mission for weeks at a time behind enemy lines doing heavy damage to enemy structures and infantry setting them back weeks and even months at a time. In turn ARC troopers single handedly at times saved countless clone troopers lives with the destruction of enemy forces on a massive scale.

Another heavier force made of 12 ARCs were dubbed null at the beginning due to their lack of control and ability to follow orders. One man by the name of Kal Skirata who was training a division of RCs or Republic Commandos saved them from termination and trained them himself along with Jango. They were amongst the finest troops made in the whole city and with their hyper intelligence and amazing fighting abilities would almost always lead more devastating

blows than regular ARCs. These nulls were also deemed 35% smarter in all areas then even the most elite RCs. They were mainly conducted for military intelligence



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