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Sparrow Hawk Red

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This book is about a boy named Ricky, he is a Mexican who lives in Southern Arizona. He only lives with his dad because his mother was killed in a car accident. Ricky and his dad have a bi-plane that they fly to relieve stress and forget about the death of Ricky's mom.

One day when Ricky and his dad just got done landing, there were some DEA agents waiting for them at their ranch. Ricky's dad used to work in the DEA and they were back to ask him to help them steal and plane from the Cartel mansion in Mexico. The plane is supposed to have some sort of navigational system that only the DEA are supposed to have. Ricky isn't supposed to know any of this but he listens secretly in another room. When he is listening he also finds out that his mother was actually murdered by the Cartel instead of a car accident.

When Ricky finds out that his dad doesn't want to go and steal the plane from the Cartel, it ticks him off and he decides to do it himself. So Ricky secretly runs away one day instead of going to school and goes to Mexico.

One day when Ricky is on his way to a village in Mexico that is near the Cartel mansion, he buys a burrito on the street and some boys see how much money he has. He runs away from them for awhile but ends up being cornered. They beat the living crap out of him and take all his money and his shoes. After Ricky wakes up from the beatings, there is a girl sitting across the alley from him. She tells him where the Cartel mansion is located, and she takes him to a restaurant and they eat food out of garbage cans.

In the ending, Ricky goes in the Mansion's gate as a taco runner, and steals the plane. They chase Ricky and shoot at him, but he makes it into the U.S. and lands the plane safely. From the way the book ended, it sounded like Ricky and his dad were going to be good friends again.

This book was ok but it was a little slow in some points of the book. I think this would be a good book for anyone who likes to read books for no reason.



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