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Southwest Airlines Strategic Analysis

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Southwest Airlines Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis of Organizational Data


In project management, a strategy is considered as an essential notion; whereas, strategic development is immensely argued as the most enthusiastic activity for a manager. Empirically, the strategy is revealed as a unifying notion that associates the underlying objective and the activity (Slack, 2015). 

Levels of Strategy

Corporate Level Strategies

Southwest Airlines’ mission statement is to offer a commitment to the quality customer service intended with an empathy of individual pride, company spirit, friendliness, and a sense of warmth (Cameron, 2017). Southwest Airlines’ atmosphere comprises of assorted aspects including family-oriented, flexible, and enjoyable that allow employees to acquire ownership and a general preference for the company. The performance of the airline company has been appealing, since it alleviates the operating cost structure for its customers (Warren, 2015). Being corporate throughout its operations reveals a certain admirable position in the airline industry. The importance of corporate strategy for Southwest Airlines underpins its strategic success by managing and initiating things differently (Southwest, 2010).

Business Level Strategy

Employing highest paid employers reveals a significant notion of Southwest Airlines’ business level strategy. The dedication towards such approach is emphasized from the reduction in assorted operations cost within the overall system. The central motive of the Southwest Airlines underlies to bring attitude and aptitude among recruited employees (Thompson and Gamble, 2012). Certainly, it emphasizes a lot to Southwest while signifying attitude, creativity, personal initiative, and hard work among employees. Another considerable aspect is to ensure employees training in leadership through its Managers in Training Program (MIT) (Mouawad, 2010).



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