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Sonnet 98 Shakespeare

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Sonnet 98

Sonnet 98, what ought to be known as Shakespeare's "Missing Seasons" Sonnet, is really quite an interesting poem. The speaker a nostalgic, upset young man, discusses the absence of a particular female who left him in his youth. He elaborates on how ever since her departure from his life, drastic changes have occurred mentally and physically within him.

The Speaker is distressed- hurt, all the while Spring, the season of illumination and Beauty has begun. The speaker cannot see the beauty in spring, for Winter is still upon him. Not the lovely birds nor vivid flowers, not even the sweet smelling aromas can make his being feel warm again. All of these things are just imitations, clones to him. Clones of the girl torn away from his life. The deep red rosé, is a lie, an imitation of her, sure pretty but not entirely beautiful. Not exactly her.

Shakespeare does an excellent job of describing the previous, though the use of Vivid Personification, and dreamy Volta. Using Personification to show the magnitude of of how even gods and Celestial beings cannot feel what he is feeling, they are fickle while he Is distressed. "That heavy Saturn laughed and leapt with him" usually gloomy is smiling in the spring while he remains full of grief.



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