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Song Book

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HOF 2006 Songbook

Words appear as they are in the audio recordings provided by Elder Boyd and some words have been changed to suit the HOF music ministry message. Please make changes as necessary.

Table of Contents

Lord You're Holy* (Helen Baylor) 2

He Brought Me Out* 2

He That Dwelleth* (Daryl Coley) 3

Lord We Praise You* 3

More Than Anything* (Lamar Campbell) 3

Could've Been Me* (Kirk Franklin) 4

Turn It Around* (Israel & New Breed) 4

So Many Times* (Dorinda Clark-Cole) 5

A Worship Experience*

(William Murphy, III) 5

I Am Healed* (Donald Lawrence) 5

Me Again* (J. Moss) 6

You Are Worth of My Praise* (David Ruis) 6

More, More, More* (Joann Rosario) 6

Hold On 7

Test (GWMA Mass Choir) 7

Celebrate (Ted & Sheri) 7

By My Side 7

My Season (Israel & New Breed) 8

Manifest (Bishop T.D. Jakes) 8

Bless Your Name (Joe Pace) 8

Psalms 150 (J. Moss) 8

Trouble Don't Last 9

Suddenly (Bishop Eddie Long) 9

He Got Up 9

Holy Lamb 9

Medley (Israel & New Breed) 10

Worship (Dietrick Haddon) 10

Potter (Norman Hutchins) 10

Let Everything 10

Rejoice** (Karen Clark) 10

I Never** (Karen Clark) 11

Dominion** (Karen Clark) 11

Favor** (Karen Clark) 12

Bless the Lord (Tye Tribett) 12

God Will Take Care of You (Out of Eden) 12

Still Say Thank You (Mary, Mary) 12

Make A Joyful Noise 12

Victory (Tye Tribett, II) 13

Lifting (Israel & New Breed) 13

Jehovah 13

Pressin' My Way (Rev. Milton Brunson &

The Thompson Community Choir) 13

Hallelujah Anyhow (Joe Pace) 14

He Reigns (The Medley) (Kirk Franklin) 14

Worthy To Be Praised** (Micah Stampley) 14

We Need The Glory** (Micah Stampley) 15

Make His Praise Glorious** (Darwin Hobb) 15

I Will Bless the Lord** (Byron Cage) 15

He Has Done Great Things** (Tye Tribett) 16

Breathe** (Amy Lee& David Hodges) 16

Worship Experience** (William Murphy, II) 16

Abide/ Psalm 91** (Daryl Coley) 17

Exalted on High/Psalm 95:1** (Darwin Hobbs) 17

I Will (Israel & New Breed) 17

Oh How Wondrous (John P. Kee) 18

We Offer Praise (Rodnie Bryant & CCMC) 18

O, Clap Your Hands 18

Lift Up the Name of Jesus

(Rev. Renetha H. Macklin) 18

Forever You're My King (Carlton Pearson) 19

The Presence of the Lord Is Here

(Byron Cage) 19

You Are The Living Word

(Fred Hammond and Radical For Christ) 19

You Are Good (Israel and New Breed) 19

We Acknowledge You (Karen Clark Sheard ) 20

Oh Give Thanks (Judith McAlister) 20

Your Latter Will Be Greater (Martha Munizzi) 20

Thirst for You Lyrics (Cece Winans ) 20

God Is Here Lyrics (Karen Clark-Sheard) 21

Incredible God, Incredible Praise

(Youthful Praise)*** 21

This Is The Day (Fred Hammond)*** 21

Because of Who You Are (Vicki Yohe) 22

The Blood 22

Glory to Your Name (Byron Cage) 22 1. Lord You Are Holy Helen Baylor


Lord, You're holy (x2)

And we lift You up, and magnify Your name


Lead Verse 1

I look around and I see

All the works Your hands have made

The awesomeness of You

And how Your love will never fail me

Words cannot express what I feel inside

I can't describe your glory divine

But as a token of my love

This is what I'll do

I'll lift my hands and cry...


Lord, you're holy (x2)




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