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Someones Hajin

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The short story "Saboteur" was written by Ha Jin. This story is told by third persons' point of view. It takes place in the 1960's at a train station and at a jail in Muji. The Characters are Mr.Chiu who is treated unfairly by two police men. Fenjin is a student who had graduated from the Law Department at Harbin University who comes to help Mr. Chiu. Mr. Chiu's wife, who is in the beginning of the story. Finally the chief of the bureau who is mean to Mr. Chiu.

The story begins at a train station with Mr. Chiu and his wife. They were going home from there honeymoon and were eating in front on the train station. There were two police officers who were eating by them and one of them spilt their tea on they're feet. Mr. Chiu began to argue as into why they did that and the

How many people go by the old clichй, "Don't get mad, Get even?" Well in Mr. Chiu's case he got mad and got even. The next question someone might want to ask is what kind of person is Mr. Chiu. Mr. Chui is not the kind of person to "get even", he was just looking for justice. Taking the justice in his own hands it what makes this story ironic. The short story Saboteur written by Ha Jin was based on irony. On one of the final days of the newlywed's honeymoon in Muji City Mr. and Mrs. Chui were sitting down to have a nice lunch together. Mr. Chui was exhausted and was trying to forget about his liver, because months previous he suffered from acute hepatitis. He was worried that he would have a relapse. Then Mr. Chui noticed to his right at another table that two railroad police men were laughing and having a good time but also from time to time both of the policemen took a glance at the table which Mr. Chui and his wife were sitting. Mr. Chui says nothing about the looks that they are given, this shows that Mr. Chui isn't looking for confrontation. As the newlyweds carried on their conversation one of the policemen out of nowhere stood up and threw a bowl of tea in their general direction. The officers accuse Mr. Chui of wetting

n "Saboteur," for example, Mr. Chiu, with his bride, is having lunch at an outdoor square when he is harassed, arrested and held in a cell without cause, where his hepatitis becomes worse, until, seemingly defeated and having witnessed the local cops beat up his lawyer, he agrees



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