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Solomons Story

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Solomons story was written in the two books of Kings in the time of

Deuteronomic History, during which the Babylonian Exile was still taking place.

Solomon was the son of David by Bathsheba. His story begins when his father, King

David, lay dying with no decision at the time of who should take over the throne when his

life has passed. Adonijah, better known as David's eldest son, wants to take over and be

king very badly. At one point, he throws himself a party in honor of his inheritance.

King David then talks to Nathan the prophet, who tells David to let Solomon take over

the throne instead of Adonijah. David agrees. After the agreement was made, Solomon

was anointed king right away, before the death of his father. Before his death as he lay

awake for the last time, he took Solomon close and said to him, " If you and your line will

remain faithful to God, you will always sit on the throne." Afterwards however, his

attitude changes when the subject forwards to his enemies. Solomon is then told to settle

what has not been settled thus far in those situations. When David was just about to die,

Solomon took the devious actions of murdering several of Davids "enemies" and then

telling himself that he now has control over the kingdom and everything related to it.

Somehow afterwards, he got the idea to build up an alliance with Egypt, and to do so,

marries the Pharaoh's daughter. He also started to worship at an outdoor sanctuary, which

is known more commonly as one of the high places. Solomon dreams to ask God a favor-

to be able to distinguish the right from the wrong. God was very happy that Solomon

asked for this, because those are only two very important qualities of a great leader. God

thinks about the situation and graces Solomon with not only the ability to judge right

from wrong, but also adding in a long life, riches, and much glory. He decides also that

Solomon will only keep these blessings if he remains faithful. God then tests Solomon,

since he gave him an understanding heart. Two prostitutes suddenly appeared to see the

King. One of them has a child, and the other one has none. The women that has no child

claimed that both herself and the other woman had given birth to a child. She said that

the other woman had accidentally killed her child in her sleep, and the infant was

somehow exchanged for another living one, which she stated was really her child.

Solomon then asks for a sword, and says that the baby should be cut into two halves, and

one half should be given to each woman. The child's real mother then reveals herself to

Solomon to save the child's life. After this inncident, he puts his mind to his land. He

devised then to divide the land into twelve different regions, and elect an officer for each.

He grouped administrators and showed taxtation and forced labor as to provide supplies

for the palace. Solomon becomes very popular. So popular, that almost all kings knew of

his wisdom. Throughout his life, he nearly created three thousand proverbs, one thousand

and five songs, and discussed the subjects of both bird and beast, reptile, fish, and plants.

Solomon now wants to build a temple, and what he was unaware of, is that the temple

would mark Israel's downfall later on. He talks to the Pheonician King and asks favors of

him. The favors were to send materials and architects to help with the building of it. He

conscripted thirty thousand workers from



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