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Soho Furniture Retail Business

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CIS200 – 1901 Mid-term Project

SOHO Furniture Retail Business

Project Summary

This project presents a SOHO Furniture Retail Business feasibility and analysis, and will provide how information technology will be utilized for enabling the success of the business.  

For the feasibility and analysis, the report will present a description of the business and Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis and 3 Generic Strategies.  Additionally, Porter’s value chain will be presented to show how the business adds value to the product and service to be delivered.

Information Technology for the business will presented by discussing what technologies will be utilized for the business.  In this report, the business will utilize a database system and the data elements and data organization by table lists as used by business functions will be presented.  

A data flow diagram will present how data flows between the business functional entities.

In business management, the consolidation of data at the enterprise level allow for efficient and effective management by using information technology across all business functions.  

A presentation of conceptual dashboards for one or more of the Supply Chain Management, Customer Relations Management and Enterprise Resource Management for the business will show the conceptual dashboard and the data sources that are aggregated for the dashboard.

The conclusion will summarize the benefits of information technology for the business and how it helps ensure success.

Part I – SOHO Furniture Retail Business


Write here your feasibility study for this business.  Describe the business in detail.  What value does your business add to make consumers use your service or buy your products?  Who are your competitors?  What is your strategy?  Present the Porter models.

Business Organization

Describe and present a diagram of the business organization and the functional departments of the business.  Describe the role of each functional department.

Part II – Information Technology

Technologies to be used in the SOHO Furniture Retail Store:

  • Database for products, prices and inventory
  • Website for Marketing and Promotions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Supply Chain System for Product sources
  • Database for Client records and interested parties
  • Delivery System

For each of the technologies, if applicable, show tables of data elements, source of the data and the business function that will use the data.

Products and Prices


Sales Promotions and Discount Analysis

Search Engine Optimization Strategies



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