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Social Influences and Education

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Essay Preview: Social Influences and Education

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At this point, we have read and discussed many viewpoints regarding education. Consider Bacon's analogy regarding the reading of books. Reflect on Welty's most influential teacher. Think about Malcolm X's methods for teaching himself to read and write. Consider Douglass' assertion that freedom and education cannot be mutually exclusive. Bring to mind the statistics regarding reading that you looked at from the text. Contemplate the issues presented in the documentary. Hopefully you have found some inspiration as well as some motivation through these writings. By now, you should have some clear things to say about education today. What needs to be changed? What are the answers to issues we presently face?

Think about the society in which we live and evaluate the extent to which our schools prepare us for life in this society. Then write a 750-1000 word essay in which you share your own argument addressing any changes necessary for schools to prepare students for success in today's age of exponential change. Outside sources are not required, but you should use accurate, relevant, and sufficient evidence to develop your position.

For this essay, you are attempting to prepare a sound argument. I would suggest looking at the models covered in the text and in class before planning your paper. At the very least, use the classical model for planning purposes. You must clearly assert a claim and defend it through the course of the essay.



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