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Sir Gwain and the Green Knight

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Essay Preview: Sir Gwain and the Green Knight

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Sir Gwain and The Green Knight

Mid day New Years Day, a knight dressed in an attire of bright green walked into King Arthur castle while he and his men were enjoying their New Years feast. The knight dressed in green goes by the name of The Green Knight. The Green Knight challenged, any man that would accept, to a beheading game. The only knight that has ever accepted the Green Knights challenge is King Arthur. Sir Gwain decided to accept the Green Knights challenge. The rules of the beheading gamer were, the knight that accepted the challenge would get the chance to chop off the Green Knights head. In a year and a day the knight would have to find the Green Knight. The Green Knight would then get his chance to chop off then knights head with one swing.

The game started. Sir Gwain lifted his axe back, in one quick motion he brought the axe down and chopped off the Green Knights head. The Green Knight then stood up and picked up his own head. With his head in his hand he pointed towards the woods. He told Sir Gwain to go into the woods and find a castle. Sir Gwain did what the Green Knight told him to do, and headed into the woods. Sir Gwain soon found the castle. The host of the castle let Sir Gwain in. The two men made a deal, Sir Gwain was to stay at the castle. The host would go out hunting during the day while Sir Gwain stayed in the castle. When the host returned at night the two were to exchange their winnings.

The first day the host left to hunt the host wife tried to seduce Sir Gwain. She gave Gwain kissed. Sir Gwain ignored her seduction. When the host came home he give Sir Gwain what he had got, Sir Gwain in return gave him kisses. A few days passed and the same happened. One day the wife tried to give Sir Gwain a lace. She told Sir Gwain when he wore this lace he could never die. Sir Gwain accepted the lace. When the host came home he gave Sir Gwain what he had got, Sir Gwain did not give him the lace.

A year and one day had finally come. It was now time for Sir Gwain to find the Green Knight. Sir Gwain soon found him. It was time for the Green Knight to return the swing. Sir Gwain was in the position to be beheaded. The Green Knight held his axe ready to swing he started to swing, and Sir Gwain flinched. He held the axe up again and began



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