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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the Holy Grail

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Essay Preview: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the Holy Grail

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Essay - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Holy Grail

There are some similarities of the two incerpts, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and The Holy Grail. I believe that both come to be Romances. In the first story Sir Gawain was sent on a dangerous quest that of which was to seek the Green Chapel of the Green Knight to hold true to his oath that he would receive what he done to him one year and one day later. He was tested of his honor and courage when he gave his word to the lord Bercilak to give him all he won in the castle at the end of the day and also he proved true to that by not having an affair with his wife. By that test it determined whether or not he got his head chopped off. In the end Sir Gawain returned home. The Holy Grail was a story on the line of being a romance, but by the way I interpreted the story I found it to be one. In that story Sir Galahad had a dangerous quest of riding to the King Mordrayns, then by reburying a person who had lain burning for a long time, and then by going to Corbenic to the Castle of the Maimed King, Pellam. His test of honor or courage was of his loyalty to Jesu when he did what He wanted and said he's even die for him. He never returned home physically, but I believe he returned to his home in heaven when he died making The Holy Grail to be a romance in that instance.

Being romances aren't the only thing in common between the two, both the stories are Arthurian legends. Sir Gawain and Sir Galahad had many things in common. Both of which were well known knights known for their chivalry. Both the men were courageous and liked adventure as we can see by their dangerous quests. Both knights honored their king and were loyal to them, Sir Gawain was loyal to King Arthur by standing up and hitting the Green Knight instead of him doing it. He was also loyal to the Green Knight and kept his word. Sir Galahad honored and was loyal to Jesu Christ, his king. Both were willing to die, Sir Gawain by being true to his word and Sir Galahad for his service to Jesu.

In both stories there were people that resembled things. In the first story the Green Knight was Lord Bercilak. In the second story Joseph resembled the marvels of the Sankgreall and a clean maiden. Both these figures tested the knights in the story. Both men received grace for their trust. Sir Gawain for trusting the Green Knight, and Sir Galahad for trusting



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