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Shut Down Your Screen Week - Reasons to Participate

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Essay Preview: Shut Down Your Screen Week - Reasons to Participate

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I think we should participate in Shut Down Your Screen Week. I think we should participate because of these reasons: 1. Kids are becoming too connected and 2. They are becoming too shallow. By using google, you can look up everything and anything that you want to know, but you can't google your way to brilliance. I think we should participate in Shut Down Your Screen Week.

The first reason why we should participate is because children are becoming too shallow by using electronics. Keith Hampton says “A number of studies have found that Americans have fewer intimate relationships today than 20 years ago because they are too connected.” One of many problems is that children are becoming too shallow. For example, using google allows you to look everything up, but you don't use deeper concentration. The reason why is because the internet attacks us with iMessages, small bits of information, bright colored adds, which interrupt our train of thought. Therefore, we never think deeply when on the internet. By participating, children can sometimes become less shallow.

By using no electronics, it will help children focus more on schoolwork, clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities. “With our brains receiving so much information, it is so hard to focus on one piece of information,” says Matt Richtel. Our brains are becoming re-wired to expect visual stimulation. For example, scientists discovered that after technology use, lack of focus continues. By constantly participating in technology use, we do not focus on really time experiences because they are too busy waiting for emails or texts. If our brains become totally rewired, we would only expect visual stimulation and lose touch with reality.

Some people say that you should be able to use redline for checking homework. “By depending on the internet a student may become lazy and not do or write down homework assignments” says Matt Richtel. Yes you can use the internet to check your assignments, but you should have already written down your homework assignments in your planner during class. Sometimes the internet goes down and the kids who don't write their homework down are then stuck not knowing their homework. If you are a lazy student, you usually put off doing homework and will play video games then are stressed and will do homework at last minute. Children sometimes day



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