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Should Bush Attack Iraq?

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Essay Preview: Should Bush Attack Iraq?

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Should Bush Attack Iraq?

Nuclear weapons, terrorist bombings, these terms might be heard on our home front of us the United States of something isn't done. By done I mean attacking Saddam Hussein, his armies in Iraq, and any other country harboring terrorist.

This is why a military plan, released this past Friday, is just what this country needs for fending off terrorism and stopping the production of weapons of mass destruction, especially in Iraq. Eliminating the former strategies, by means of inspections and the passing of new UN rules must be changed. Using military and also diplomatic techniques, as outlined in the United States new strategy, is the new means of dealing with Iraq. There are still some politics and new war strategies to be developed and perfected before the new, more aggressive, plan should take place. President Bush is doing exactly what he should. He is taking time to overlook the idea and make sure that more forceful action against Iraq is what is needed and that the new ideas won't upset our allies or unfairly target innocent Iraqi citizens.

Under the Leadership of Bill Clinton, the United States has faced Iraq and Suddam Hussein. This encounter was called the Gulf War. In the war, our goal was to drive out Iraqi military from Kuwait rather than to go directly after the power that Saddam had. The United States was successful in driving out Iraqi military from Kuwait, but didn't continue to pursue Saddam militarily. Instead, laws were created through the United Nations that would require weapons inspections to occur frequently. These inspections would be carried out by U.N. officials throughout Iraq. Over the last 11 years, Saddam has continued to defy resolutions made to contain his military. Since then Saddam's military has increased in both troops, and weapons. It was a mistake to let Saddam go the first time and only pursue him with weapons checks and restrictions. If Bush's new strategy is put into action Saddam will be under control.

Bush's 33 page report, which is titled "The National Security Strategy for the United States of America," outlines a contemplation of a military strike against Iraq, And plans to target Saddam. Along with the National Security report, Bush received a detailed plan put together by Gen. Tommy Franks, head of the U.S. Central Command. The plan is a battle scenario, but has variables not yet disclosed, that the president can look further into and possibly change. Franks is quick to say that the plan is not a declaration of war but is a formal proposal. Franks also wants to make clear that just because of Bush has looked over and agreed with the overall workings of it, he is not at the point where he has to make a decision. This gives President Bush an advantage to take the time to perfect the strike and think of any other means of dealing with Saddam Hussein and Iraq.

Though there isn't much information released about the exact details of the plan some details were given. There are three main goals. One is to cut command and communication structures throughout Iraq. Second, with using special and covert operations, the U.S. plans to neutralize Iraqi missile launchers. Finally, the third goal is to destroy areas where weapons of mass destruction are found. To accomplish these early goals the United States plans to use an array of Air attack units, mostly comprised of bombing capable aircraft. Special Forces, including navy seals, green berets, and army rangers are



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