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Short Analysis Ind Aff

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The story, "INDAFF" uses the feminist strategy because it is the aproach to litterature that seeks to correct or supplement what may be regarded as a predominately male-dominated critical perspective with a feminist consciousness. Feminist theories also attempt to understand representation from a women's point of view. The narrator is in search for her own identity.

The narrator is unsure about what she wants. She is just trying to find herself but be accepted at the same time. "My sister Clare had been surprisngly understanding about Peter. WhenI worried about him being older, she pooh-poohed it; when I worried about him being married, she said, 'Just go for it, sister. If you can unhinge a marriage, it's ripe for unhinging, it would happen sooner or later, it might as well be you. See a catch, go ahead and catch, go ahead and catch! Go for it!'" (Weldon, 152).

The climax of the story is when the narrator looks at the waiter, and she realizes that she has a second chance. "He smiled. His teeth were even and white. I smiled back, and instead of the pain in the heart I'd become accustomed to as an erotic sensation, now felt, quite violently, and associated yet different pang which got my lower stomach. The true, the real pain of Ind Aff!" (Weldon, 152).

At the end of the story, the narrator realizes that she had made a mistake about being with Peter. "It was a silly sad thing to do, in the first place, to confuse mere passing academic ambition with love: to try and outdo my sister Clare" (Weldon, 153).



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