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Sherlock Holmes English Research Hw

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Sherlock Holmes English Research HW

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous and well known fictional detective of all time. And this character and franchise was create mid way through Arthur Conan Doyle. The author of the Sherlock Holmes franchise came up with the idea of the famous main protagonist because the character traits of Sherlock Holmes were inspired by Dr. Joseph Bell, one of the teachers at the medical school of Edinburgh University. Arthur Doyle was seventeen years old when he first met Dr. Joseph Bell, who was at the time, thirty-nine. Joseph seemed to leave a extremely distinct impression upon the young student.

Conan Doyle commonly described Dr Bell as a “thin wiry, dark man, with a high-nosed acute face, penetrating grey eyes, and angular shoulders.” Dr. Bell, according to Arthur “would sit in his receiving room with a face like a Red Indian, and diagnose the people as they came in, before they even opened their mouths. He would tell them details of their past life; and hardly would he ever make a mistake”.

Sherlock Holmes in every version or remake of the phenomenon was an extremely obsessive personality. He works compulsively on all his cases and his deductive powers are phenomenal. Yet due to this personality he would often get engulfed in periods of depression between cases and is well known to take cocaine when he cannot stand loneliness or lack of purpose. Arthur indicates a deep knowledge of music for the detective. He is also known to run chemistry experiments in his spare time to the dismay of both Dr. Watson and his landlady Mrs Hudson. However Sherlock is never portrayed to have any durable romantic relationships throughout, he didn’t even think of woman as worthy of him.

Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1859. Conan happened to be his middle name, yet it was only later in his life that he began to use it as his surname. Doyle’s family sent him to Jesuit boarding schools to be educated, which later set him on the path to the University of Edinburgh Medical School in 1881.

In 1885 Conan Doyle married Louise Hawkins, and had two kids with her, just before she died after a illness in 1900. In 1907 he remarried, to Jeanne Leckie, and had three more children with her.

Conan Doyle graduated to become a serving doctor in the Boer War, and as he returned he wrote two books defending England's participation in that conflict. It was because of these specific books that he received his knighthood in 1902. 

But that’s not all to Arthur Conan Doyle. After the death of his son in World War I, Doyle became obsessed in the concept of spiritualism. Where he was convinced that it was possible to communicate with the dead, and his views led to a large amount of ridicule from more mainstream society. 

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle died on July 7, 1930, and is buried in the churchyard at Minstead, Hampshire. He can correctly be credited with helping create the genre of the detective story. Though Edgar Allen Poe's Dupin predates Sherlock Holmes, it was the Holmes' stories that solidified in the public mind what a good detective should be. 



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