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Sheldon Cooper Case

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Ms. Guzzetta

AP Lang. Pd. 4

6 November 2012

Sheldon Cooper

I don't know what possessed me to become Sheldon's roommate. I should have ran, far, especially when he presented a Roommates Agreement in which I was forced to sign. I am sure this sounds extreme but you have not met this guy, and if you did, even if it's a five minute walk up the stairs together, you would understand.

I guess it all started at a young age for Dr. Sheldon Cooper, being born a child prodigy and having his mother feed that giant ego he's acquired, which would later lead his to losing his job. He had, and still does, no shame in showing off his inferiority to others, and his broad knowledge, which seems to cover every topic there is. This may be because of his Eidetic Memory (Photographic Memory). Sheldon isn't afraid to share, even getting something of a nervous twitch if someone was to interrupt him as he shares an anecdote. The bullying also had something to do with being a geek in a small town in the south. This is surprising when compared to his personality. Such as his general lack of interest in relationships and emotional ties, which is obvious when stating negative facts and opinions about the few friend he does have.

Sheldon also has numerous, surprisingly illogical, phobias that consist anywhere between germophobia (fear of dirt, germs, contamination) and scelerophbia (fear of burblers). All of these of course seem logical and necessary to him. Much like his need for routine, like having take-out Chinese every Tuesday and any changes made, even slight, is not okay with him. Sheldon also refuses to drive, feeling it is an unnecessary thing to learn and therefore has his friends drive him everywhere. He's also contains traits of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, down to the way he knocks on the door, with a specific pattern and logic in his opinion. He's unable to seat himself in any room without analyzing the situation first, to find the spot most comfortable to him.

I don't know why or really how I came to be Sheldon's best friend, maybe it because of the way we're both geeks, but unlike me, he embraces it and sees no reason not to. Like have a Halo Night every Wednesday, in which we are all forced to take part in. Or being able to say his favorite



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