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Sex Traffic Research Paper

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Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is a disturbing problem in the United States, in order to eradicate the act of modern day slavery we must educate, make stricter punishments, more effective laws, and also change current laws. ← which law(s)? What about the TVPA? With a vaster population educated in the United States, the hope is to make our country safer and more aware of the symptoms of sex trafficking around us. The country as a whole must be educated in how people are brought into the treacherous world of sex trafficking or slaves of our century, whether they were abducted, bribed, threatened, or even drugged to participate in the sexual corruption that is taking place in the United States (Walker-Rodriguez). (thesis is not highlighted)

There are around two hundred thousand involved in sex trafficking a year in the United States.<-- according to what source? The “trafficking pimps” look to start preying on people around the age of 13-14 years of age, mostly girls. The pimps will force sex upon the victims on average 20 to 48 times throughout an average day. With little care to the victims, many involved in the act are helplessly effected from dehydration, lack of nutrition, along with sexually transmitted diseases. Most and nearly none of the victims are ever given the medical care that they desperately need (Polaris Project). In the United States the estimated income from sex trafficking is 9.5 billion dollars a year (Siddharth). ← book missing page number There are many ways for victims to get involved but most victims are tricked into the act of sex trafficking by the pimps. One of the most common ways the pimps use are threats on relatives and close loved ones. The commanders of sex trafficking also use the force of drug addiction to keep the victims participating in the sexual encounters with customers. Other pimps use the drugs to keep the victims incognizant during the sexual actions they are forced to partake in (Polaris). The Catholic Church’s view on the act of sex trafficking is seen as being unjust to the body and human beings involved. valuable quote → One document says, “The Church for­bids acts or enterprises that, for any reason, lead to the enslavement of human beings – to their being bought, sold, and exchanged like merchandise, in disregard for their personal dignity.” (USCCB). The Church has strict laws on sex. Taking the sanctity out of the act of sex and making a human participate in the act is frowned upon. The action against anyone involved in disrespecting the victim is said to have sinned and gone against God’s word.

The law in the United States “Sex Trafficking of Children or by Force, Fraud, or Coercion, 18 U.S.C. § 1591. Section 1591” states causing a human to participate in commercial sexual behavior is illegal. On the act of value is given or received for the act is illegal too. Circumstances of force, fraud, or coercion,or conduct with a person under the legal age. The punishment for the action is forty years in prison along with probation (USDOJ). The law for people of the age of eighteen is “Trafficking with Respect to Peonage, Slavery, Involuntary Servitude, or Forced Labor, 18 U.S.C. § 1590. Section 1590 makes it unlawful to recruit, harbor, transport, or broker persons for labor or services under conditions which violate any of the offenses contained in Chapter 77 of Title 18.” ← no period before citation (USDOJ). So, the highest punishment is forty years in prison, it is questioned whether that time frame is enough for a person that used another humans body to pleasure themselves or to gain an income from, along with showing dominance over a powerless human being. also is there any problem with the enforcement of the laws? If the laws were stricter, with the assistance of law enforcers investigating in the notion of sex trafficking action, the rate of active sex trafficking would be next to none. With a fear in the eyes of the pimps that they may be facing life in prison, they may rethink the profession or business they positioned themselves into. Marketing the horror of the entire business of modern day slavery/ sex trafficking could be the difference between life and death for many victims. ← unclear point Not only is it important to imprison the leaders and the other participants in the industry but also to help console those affected by the sexual undertaking that others put them through. Victims don’t always know how to escape from the industry. They need help getting the emotional and physical care that is needed to overcome the past traumas they suffered due to their past “owners” (Farr). ← book missing page number

One particular case with a man in florida, was busted for the sales of drugs but later was found guilty of sex trafficking. He bragged to undercover investigators that as long as he kept the women and young girls under the addiction of drugs they were easy to handle. Rodriguez said if that didn’t work, putting the women and girls at gunpoint always seemed to do the job. He was charged with drug possession and human trafficking, he is serving 2 ½ years in Florida prison. 2 1/2 years in prison is a light cost valuable point ! to pay for the action of sex trafficking. With longer sentences for the operation of modern day slavery put into place the risk would be higher, making the business a less desirable option for an income. new paragraph here--> For another story of a girl from a military family was kidnapped taken at gun point tide up and drugged. They moved her to a room where they then bent the 15 year old girl over and 4 men took advantage of her. They fed her dog biscuits and then would put her in a small dog crate where she would be left in for days. The house was searched and the girl was not found she admitted to thinking of what the men would do to her family and shaking, not able to call out. The law enforcement still had a hunch and went back another time, she was found tied up in a drawer under a bed.Women especially, will not admit to the crime done to her for the reasoning of still needing to depend on her pimp for the drugs he had gotten her addicted to. Another reasoning to not disclose her pimp is because he has mentally beat her down to believe she is worthless and not capable of anything other than the business she is in. Only one of the men pleaded guilty, the other three men pleaded not guilty. The case is still under investigation and will hopefully result in all four men receiving a life sentence (ABC News). new paragraph here--> Looking at the cases of victims helps the general public understand the importance of eradicating the act of sex trafficking. Anyone can be a victim of sex trafficking, not just runaways or those addicted to drugs. Some are just “normal” families were the victim was at the wrong place at the



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