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Service Marketing

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Service Design

AcademicAdvisor is an online revolutionary platform business. It is a user-generated review and rating website for the academic community.

The mission for this service is to become a meta search engine specifically for educational purposes. By providing an online platform for users to review and rate the services of universities.


1.       Potential, current and past students

2.       Universities

3.       Professors

4.       Extended to companies for consultations on matchmaking for job hires.

Rating parameters:

1.       Courses

2.       Professors

3.       Campus (including classroom, cafeteria, gym, dormitory)

4.       Student life (Extra-curricular activities/clubs, administration)

5.       Educational cost (Tuition Fees etc.)



Value proposition for Students


1.       Potential students can start to plan their academic.

2.       Compare universities easily – find the best choice based on price, offer, credentials etc.

3.       Utilize feedback from current/past students.

4.       Make one application and pay fee to apply to multiple universities.

5.       Participation in an academic forum.

6.       Current/past students can have a voice and a channel to exchange experiences.

7.       Current students can learn more about the learning experiences of courses every semester before they select.

8.       A global alumni association.

9.       Facilitates exchange programs where international students can learn from actual students about life on campus.


Value proposition for Universities

1.       Opportunity use student’s feedback to improve their service and gaining new applicant from good reviews and high ratings.

2.       Gain competitive advantage by expanding market reach.

3.       Affiliation with high ranking professors.

4.       Collaboration with other universities.

5.       Use AcademicAdvisor as an advertising channel.

6.       Use AcademicAdvisor as a direct application channel and a vehicle to drive traffic to their website.

7.       Use AcademicAdvisor as a reputation management channel and  have the ability to respond to reviews and improve their brand.


Value proposition for Professors

1.       Build their academic profiles and careers to be recognized for their hard work and achievements.

2.       Marketability to be hired for their services.

3.       Gain insights from the vast students they were able to make an impact and help gain their degrees.

4.       Improve or modify their teaching style if necessary to be compatible with the current attitude of the potential students.

Value proposition for Companies

1.       Access to a pool of fresh recruits.

2.       Direct matching for specific fields/specialties.

3.       Decrease the cost of recruiting.

Core product

AcademicAdvisor owns an online user generated ratings and review website. Our Core service involves:

  • Marketing Channel - advertising universities via click based advertising and Display based advertising
  • Subscription for students - by setting up a personal account, plans range from monthly, annually and premium.
  • Membership club for professors, universities etc. – we welcome budding and established professors to set up an account much like a linkedin profile where they can give a brief intro and areas of specialty/interests. They can be linked to universities to show their historical and current career paths. It will be optional but recommended to harness their review and rating. A professor can gain ranking by our star rating system (bronze, silver, pearl, gold, platinum, diamond and a rare heart).

Supplementary services

Recruitment agency business model – We already have a forum comprised of students whose goal is to gain meaningful employment. We also can provide a matchmaking supplementary service to pair students with suitable companies. Fees will be generated mostly from the employer; student Premium subscription fee covers this cost.

Incubator business model – For graduates who are interested in starting their own business, we can provide consultations on business development and funding solutions.

Affiliation business model – For a university who aims to improve their brand, they can affiliate with high ranking professors or other universities to collaborate.

Delivery processes (feel free to add if you can)

Generic dimensions used by customers to evaluate service quality


Our service based on big range of current and former university students’ reviews that let us credibly perform to you our information about different spheres of university’s life.


Universities’ evaluation is calculated by summing up the grades and reviews from students and derivation the average meaning. Every feedback, positive or negative, will be took into account by our calculating system.


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