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Senior Citizen

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The elderly can be described as a person of old age. 'Senior citizen' is another term people use to refer to the elderly. A person is considered and elder when he/she reaches the age of fifty (50) years old. But though this is the age a person is considered an elder, the eligibility of them receiving a pension is at the age of sixty (60) years old. But to receive full pension, you must be sixty-five years old; which is also the retirement age. Most people also consider a person old by their attire, whether their hair is grey, if they have wrinkles, and by their speech.

It is stated that the Burma Road Riot was the turning point, in the beginning of blacks being involved in politics. This also brought about labor movements, and encouraged blacks to stand for what they wanted. This event was short lived and very spontaneous, for it only lasted for two days; but the effect it had later on in history had greatly influenced black people in politics. Nothing like this event was repeated again, and so this event is marked as significant because it led to the development of black people's involvement in politics.



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