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Convenient Product for Senior Citizens

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Table of Contents

1. Multi Reacher        3

Background        3

Focus        3

Goals and objectives        3

Guidelines        3

2. Meal Delivery Services Fitted to Senior Nutrition        3

Background:        3

Features:        4

Focus:        4

Goals and Objectives:        4

Guidelines:        5

3. Smart Shoe        5

Background        5

Focus Area        5

Goals and objectives        5

4. Adult Diapers        5

Product Innovation Charter        6

Background        6

Focus        6

Goals And Objectives        6

Guidelines        6

5. Talking Alarm Clock And Medicine Reminder        7

    Background:        7

Focus:        7

Goals and objectives:        7

6. FitBit-E for elderly        7

Background:        8

Focus:        8

Technology:        8

Market:        8

Goals and objective:        8

Guidelines        8

1. Multi Reacher

An extremely versatile tool that can help the elderly reach distant objects, pick them up or place them back. Reacher helps in picking up, pulling towards, pushing away objects from a distance without getting up. The magnetic tip can easily pick up the object as small as a pin, size- = 66x10x15cms WT – 180 gm approx.

Product innovation charter


The population of the people aged above 60years is increasing. Based on the climatic conditions and the pollution all around, people are falling prey to a lot of deadly new diseases. The after effects of these diseases are joint pains, bones weakness and many more ailments. Hence people need technology that would help and make their routine tasks easier.


  1. Technology: utilize the growing need by basic materials like metals (iron, steel, brass, copper in some cases) and magnets, to make a long rod customizable to different sizes to match the height of the user, and magnets to pick up tiny things, a holder to pick up objects.
  2. Markets: Target market would be people who can’t easily move, causes are joint diseases or age-related issues. For people who would want to help themselves with just an addition of a helper which is technologically advanced designed such that it doesn’t need an extra effort from the user.

Goals and objectives

Helping aid must be affordable and easy to use. We intend to build a long-term market, so the sales objectives in the early years will be more. We would seek to launch or be ready to follow up with, an entire line of different helping aids.


We should be ready to incur a large advertising expenditure to build awareness amongst people. Also, find distributors who will be able to provide our product to the customers. Helping aids should fit seamlessly into the homes and should be appealing.

2. Meal Delivery Services Fitted to Senior Nutrition


A great solution for Those who can’t get out to shop or get around to cook, Meal delivery services has been proven to help keep seniors independent and help they age in place, according to a 2012 Brown University study, not only is the gift of lovingly prepared food a wonderful boon to seniors who may not want, or be able to, cook regularly for themselves, it’s also an important weapon in fighting the pernicious problem of senior malnutrition.


  • Nutrition: When food prep becomes difficult, many seniors turn to packaged food, which often offers poor health benefits, or simply stop eating. Meal services can offer healthy meal alternatives.
  • Safety: For those with certain chronic diseases it can be unsafe to work near a hot stove or challenging to carry groceries and stand for long periods to chop and cook fresh ingredients.
  • Time: Many people are caregiving for spouse, parent, or loved one. With all the other responsibilities in life, meal preparation for those you love can suffer. In addition, others who have cooked meals for years simply enjoy the option to outsource the responsibility to someone else.
  • Custom Diets: For a growing number of senior people, low sodium, diabetic gluten-free meal options are necessary for health reasons. For others, tailoring around taste and sensitive digestion can make a huge difference.
  • Affordability: Senior meal delivery services, because of economies of scale, can often offer a more affordable option to older adults who find themselves waiting out at restaurants, buying carry out food, or purchasing frozen meals.
  • Companionship: Not only is malnutrition a major issue with seniors but so is loneliness. Senior meal delivery services can deliver more than just food. They can also deliver a friendly visit that provides much-needed interaction.


  • Technology: When senior people want to order the food, they have to make a phone call so, they know how to use the phone. Food delivery services also provide online ordering system if they convenient to operate mobile application and website to order then they can order through online.
  • Markets: Target market would be senior people who can’t easily cook and who can’t move or walk far, the cause of age-related issues. For senior people who would want to eat fresh, healthy and tasty food.

Goals and Objectives:

The main goal is to deliver food senior people, who cannot move or walk for long distance and who wants to eat healthy and delicious food. The main objective is to deliver nutritious food and want them to be healthy and don’t want to take any risks to cook. By this delivery system, senior people can give time to their loved ones.


We should be ready to advertise to convince senior people to adopt this system, in other country people easily accept the system. But countries like India, people don’t accept easily so, we should advertise advantages, how it helps for them and how easy it is to get healthy food.



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