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Self Service Case

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Essay Preview: Self Service Case

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Self Service

1. What are situations best for full service? what are situations best for self-service?

2. If customers do not want choice, they want exactly what they need to create value. What are the situations that should have a self-service system and what are the situation that should have a full-service system?

3. What are the key criteria in the decision of using a full service or a self-service system? [least cost maximum profit]

4. How does this principle relate to segregation of duties in the design of internal control system?

5. How much time do they save in the self-service of luggage claims?

6. How do you define data, information, knowledge, and wisdom? How do they have to do with system concepts: dynamic, cybernetic, and adaptive?

7. What are the infrastructure of the self-service check-in?

8. Does self-service kiosks give airline competitive advantage now? why or why not?

9. What computer system technologies and functions are included in self-service kiosks? What other technologies should be provided? Why? Visit the Kinetics USA website for more details.

10. What is the customer value of self-service kiosks for airline checks-in? What other services should be provided?

11. What is the business value of self-service kiosks in the airline industry? Do self-service kiosks give airline a competitive advantage? Why or why no?



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