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Essay Preview: Securalism

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The world today is filled with a variety of religions. Different religions cause conflict because of the dissimilar beliefs as with secularism. Secularism is the indifference to or rejection or exclusion of religion and religious considerations according to the dictionary. The religious civilization acknowledges secularism as any movement in society directed away from the otherworldliness to life on earth. No matter which way it is defined the main point is that God is excluded from all human affairs. There is no God in secularism. It is just the world and nothing else. If there is some form of a God, then it is perceived to be too far for our understanding. Modern cultures have changed a lot in the world in which we stand, but secularism can be found everywhere in the past, the present, and it will be there in the future.

Secularism has been around for over five hundred years and the process of science and psychology is slowly picking up speed along with development. Science and psychology play a big role in how we view things including our religious beliefs and our views of God. God created this beautiful world around us, and he watches over us and speaks to us. Unfortunately, science has become very popular and scientists are constantly searching for the "truth". God created the world and put Adam on it with Eve, yet science will state that the Big Bang created the world and constantly search for inconsistency in everything from Jesus to the Bible. Science is distorting our view of the modern world. This has become a big problem because it seems as though secularism has become a political movement, instead of a philosophy or religious belief. It is more serious because our view of the world has changed as well as our view of God and what he did and didn't do. The scientific move towards the world develops into a problem because it is now a philosophy or ideology that contradicts the truth of morality and faith.

The beliefs and claims of secularism is "a form of opinion which concerns itself only with questions, the issues of which can be tested by the experience of this life. More explicitly, secularism is that which seeks the development of the physical, moral, and intellectual nature of man to the highest possible point, as the immediate duty of life - which selects as its methods of procedure the promotion of human improvement by material means, and proposes these positive agreements as the common bond of union, to all who would regulate life by reason and ennoble it by service." Secularism is there for the people who find theology untrue or it is all just too unbelievable for them to clasp. It is much easy to understand and believe secularism than to try to fathom or comprehend something or someone that no one can see. Improvement of life by only material means, it is good to seek and do good no matter what it is, and science is the existing Providence of man, are the three most essential 'laws' of secularism that are to be followed.

The origination of secularism can be referred back to many well known names; as well as, articles, magazines, and a variety of either publication. "The Counsellor", which was later transformed into the "National Reformer"and"The Secular World and Social Economist, are just some of the titles of these well known magazines. The articles would consist of anything from secularization being taught in public education to the disestablishment of the church. Not only could secularism be found anywhere, but some very famous philosophers are too connected to this belief. Rene Descartes was a philosopher back in the early sixteen hundreds who based his whole belief of the world on his own capacity to think. He was famous for the quote "I think, therefore I am". He later took this saying and used it to apply to the existence of God and man. Descartes way of thinking wiped out an entire era and started a new one. In addition to Descartes, Charles Darwin invented naturalism and brought its atheistic views to light. God was not needed to explain the mysteries of the universe. Physical causes were the explanation for everything. This scientific revolution leads to the philosophy 'naturalism'. Blatantly, naturalism is the idea that the only thing is the natural world and nothing else. Charles Darwin opened the door to this viewpoint. There was no God, he was denied, all on earth had come from an "inanimate matter without any intervention of a Supreme Being and without any purpose". This was the Darwinian Theory that riveted through the world and gave new beliefs to followers.

The Declaration of Independence is a very important document that allowed the world new hope. Secularism could be compared to this vital document. It is in fact a declaration of intellectual independence. Furthermore, it is a protest against theological oppression and against the simple fact of wasting ones life for the sake of one we don't know of. Secularism expresses the truth about living in the present life and not in the supernatural or unknown. It lives and strives on the day - to -day life, and the coming tomorrow.

Secularism gives answers to people that are undecided or confused about the world and God. I think that it is much easier



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