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Research of Religious Website

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Research of Religious Website

At first glance, the Vatican: The Holy See website ( is a fairly basic homepage. Laid out in a circular manner, similar to the circle of life, the Vatican homepage illustrates many photos which link the user to other aspects or areas with easy maneuvering for further exploration within the website. With a homepage background consisting of the very neutral color beige; the website has done an excellent job at creating a very user-friendly homepage that utilizes photos and symbols to link the user to other areas of interest.

Papal Archive, Roman Curia, liturgical celebrations, Peter's Pence, news/photos, and a resource library are only a few of the symbols or photos, which link the website to specific areas, that are viewed as the opening page becomes apparent. Just as the website uses links to help users become familiar with any information they were seeking, the homepage also displays a picture of Pope Benedict XVI, which I found to be a great way to introduce interested parties to official Vatican homepage as well as to the faith of Catholicism. Although, at first, before further exploration of the website, I wasn't aware of what some of the links provided contained- I found the homepage to be very explanatory and easily maneuverable.

Through my exploration of the Vatican: The Holy See website I was very interested in learning what the link {Papal Archive} was really about. At age twenty-eight I certainly should know what the word papal means; however, I had no idea. This link was especially interesting for the link explains and sequences the Roman Pontiffs; the Roman popes, the holy fathers, the successors of Peter. The Papal Archive dates back to the late nineteenth century beginning with Pope Leo XIII going in order to the famous Pope John XXIII, who according to class lecture and the official Vatican website summoned the Second Vatican Council and forever changed Catholicism. The Papal Archives explains in chronological order each pope's contributions, messages, travels and essentially their biography.

After further exploration I encountered another fascinating world of the Swiss Guardsmen. The link provided into this world lists the history of the Swiss Guardsmen, the requirements, duties, commitment and a contact link. I found it interesting that the Swiss Guardsmen relative to the Vatican dates back to the Renaissance period in the early sixteenth century.

These men guard the entrance to the Apostolic Palace. This includes the Pope's apartment as well as many other important entrances. They, the guardsmen, serve as guards of honor as well as maintain order during the Popes public appearances. There are strict guidelines and requirements for even qualifying for a position as a Swiss Guardsmen. Listed within the link are the eight minimal requirements to serve the Pope, such as each man who desires



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