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Research Methods

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Subject: Market Research/Marketing decisions.

In this report I will be discussing and explaining how different market research methods have been used to make a marketing decision within Microsoft. There are two main research methods that Microsoft has use, these are:

Quantitative research is data that is presented in numerical way such as numbers and graphs therefore is used when identifying a statistical output. For example, Microsoft might use quantitative research to find out the market size when they are stimulating a potential product such as the latest version of the Xbox. It focuses on elements that are measurable and experimental. Microsoft will use quantitative data to find numerical and statics from their customers to understand what they like. For example quantitative data will help to determine how many customers find the Xbox appealing or to find the percentage of the public who actually use the Xbox. This can be done through questionnaires and sending out surveys.

Qualitative market research is the opposite of quantitative as it is more statement based rather than numerical. It is used to find out what other people feel, think and perceive a product. For example, Microsoft may use qualitative data to understand how their customers feel about certain products so that they are able to reflect on it by making improvements. The customers of Microsoft are an essential part of their business because without customers there will not be and income for Microsoft. Considering this, Microsoft will have to find ways to understand what their customers want in an Xbox such as a sensor and what they need in an Xbox such as fast speed Xbox software.

Microsoft uses marketing strategies such as the marketing mix and SMART. The first marketing strategy is marketing mix and consists of important elements such as place, promotion, product and pricing. These elements of the marketing mix will help Microsoft to attain successful marketing and succeed as a business. Microsoft is internationally known is an American multinational corporation. The marketing mix of McDonalds is:

Promotion- Microsoft promotes their product and services through advertisement through newspapers and magazines, TV commercials and posters.

Product- Microsoft sells computer software, a variety of electronics, Xbox, phones and games.

Price- the cost of Microsoft products and services vary seeing as there is a variety of products sold.

Place- located at different high-street stores, stores in shopping malls all around the world.

The second marketing strategy a business such as Microsoft may use is SMART as:


Specific- it is important that objectives and aims are created and that they



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