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Relationships Reaction Essay

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Abby Young

March 21, 2016

Reaction Essay 4

        In a nation where divorce rates are relatively high, there has been a debate on what should be done to lower these high rates. Divorce is extremely complicated and hurts both the partners and sometimes children that are involved. There has been strong evidence that children benefit from a two parent household. Although children could benefit from a two parent household, I do not think that it is wise to make divorce illegal or force the two partners to find someone else to marry. While these theories may be good in practice, no one can be forced to stay in a marriage if they do not want to be there. Making divorce illegal may actually harm both the partners and the children involved. The textbook says that it is actually more dangerous to a child’s psychological well being and health if the parents remain in an unhealthy marriage just for them. This can lead the children to choose unhealthy relationships when they grow up because it is what they are used to seeing at home. While two parent households may be ideal for children, a two parent household with parents that are obviously miserable are not going to do the child any good. While encouraging the parents to remarry after divorce may be a solution, I do not think that it is one that should be forced on anyone. The text even states that second marriages are just as likely to end in divorce as first marriages. Instead of forcing people to stay married or to find someone else to get married to, I believe the solution lies in having more therapy and counseling resources.

        The possible solution that I believe may help lower the divorce rates is to offer more therapy and counseling resources to people before they get married, while they are having issues in marriage, and resources for both the parents and children if a divorce happens. I believe that these options are ones that people would be more receptive of. Premarital education is known to help lower the risk of divorce. If couples had the resources to attend one of the classes or counseling sessions, it could help them build a healthy relationship and learn how to get through the hard times instead of just giving up on the relationship. I strongly believe that counseling and therapy options would help couples be able to resolve their issues instead of just giving up on their partner all together. I think that couples struggling in marriage should also have more options for therapy. Simply learning that love is not always going to be cloud nine all the time can help some couples realize that their issues can be worked out. I believe that divorce should be the last option and that couples who look at therapy as a serious option could be saving their marriage. Part of the reason I believe that divorce rates are so high is due to the fact that the media portrays fairytale marriages with no issues. When couples do not always have a perfect relationship it is easy to get discouraged. Any way to encourage them that they will get through their issues together could seriously help the success rate of the marriage. If a divorce does happen, instead of forcing the couple to find a new marriage, I think that both the partner and any children should also go to counseling. Counseling will help all those involved work out any issues that they may have. I believe that counseling and therapy are valid solutions to help decrease the divorce rates but also to help those involved when a divorce does happen.



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